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Marconi Union – Ghost Stations

Marconi Union – Ghost Stations

Sometimes I am not sure that I like ambient music all that much. Many times I’ve heard an ambient track and said, “What the hell was that?” Little did I know that was the reaction that Marconi Union wants from listeners to their latest release Ghost Stations. Here’s what they have to say about the album…..

“People who have bought our previous records may think we have gone to far in this direction or that direction or that we don’t do enough of some particular aspect anymore., but we’ve already done those things in our previous work and we have to keep pushing our boundaries otherwise what is the point? We want people to hear Ghost Stations and say “what the f**k is that either in a good or bad way!”

I guess I am actually a what the f**k in a good way, because I do like the album. For me it’s hard to describe the music on the album or if I even know that much of the album can be classified as music. I do know that I liked the places in the album where either the trumpet of Giorgio Li Calzi or the clarinet of Andy Dobson was present!

About Marconi Union

Marconi Union - creators of Ghost StationsMarconi Union describes themselves as…. three musicians from Manchester (UK). Since 2003 they have been making instrumental music, which they describe as “existing in the gaps between genres”. Those three musicians are founding members Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley with keyboard player Duncan Meadows. The band has released nine albums over the last fourteen years. During their career, they have developed a refined musical identity. Their music evokes emotions by blending elements of dub, jazz, ambience and electronics within their richly melodic compositions.

About Ghost Stations

Marconi Union spent two years creating Ghost Stations.  At the beginning, the band members set aside any preconceptions about the album. Instead they experimented with playing, editing, re-editing (agreeing and disagreeing), letting the album naturally evolve. The decision to name the album Ghost Stations actually began the evolution of the album. By choosing the  title of Ghost Stations  the band was able to connect ideas of abandonment, empty spaces and dereliction in order to create the atmosphere of the album.

Bottom Line:

Ghost Stations is a 4 thumbs up album. Even though I am not a big fan of the time of ambient music I did enjoy Ghost Stations. Also, I can still recognize that Marconi Union is pretty damn talented!!  Others who know more than me agree, Marconi Union is considered one of the most creative and top, electronic and ambient groups in the world. An acclaim based on sales, acclaim and online viewing/listening. The New Age radio program Echoes made Ghost Stations their alternate CD of the Month in August

Speaking of which,the first Marconi Union album that I listen to was Weightless (Ambient Transmission Vol. 2). Weightless has been hailed as the “most relaxing song ever” and has been streamed tens-of-millions of times and had millions of views on YouTube! Time Magazine even named Weightless one of the “Best Inventions of the Year” !

So Check Out Ghost Stations!!

.Rating – An Excellent addition to any New Age album collection

thumbs-up-2 thumbs-up-2 thumbs-up-2 thumbs-up-2


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