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Terceto Kali hits the Flamenco-Jazz Scene

Terceto Kali – Terceto Kali

One of the albums that has been in my music rotation this past week while on vacation on Long Beach
Island in NJ was the latest the self-titled debut album from a three-man trio Terceto Kali. The trio led by virtuoso flamenco guitarist Jason McGuire “El Rubio, plays a blend of flamenco, Latin and jazz rooted in a variety of musical genres. Prior to the release of this debut album the band was billed as The Jason McGuire Trio. Either way, if you are a fan of flamenco guitar, oh hell, if you are a fan of guitar playing, you are going to love this album! Throughout the album, “El Rubio” lives up to his billing as a virtuoso guitarist!

Terceto Kali made their debut in 2o14. Since then the band’s incredible showmanship and passion his thrilled audiences mostly on the West Coast. They have played both Concert halls and jazz clubs and have maintained both the essence and improvisational quality of both a flamenco or jazz group. All this has led to their nomination for a prestigious Bay Area Izzie Award for Best Ensemble.
 The Trio
Terceto Kali - Trio
Jason McGuire’s inspirational  compositions are the driving force of the band. The trio’s is rhythm section is composed of Marlon Aldana on drumset and cajon, and Paul Martin Sounder on upright bass. These guys more than hold up their ends of the band!
Bottom Line: For me the album is definitely a four-star album mostly based on the flamenco guitar of Mr. McGuire. But as some others have noted there is also some innovative percussion from Marlon Aldana found on the album, along with the steady bass of  Paul Martin Sounder. For me the only portion of the album that I didn’t love was the section in the opening track “Zardoz” where McGuire is accompanied by Gypsy vocalist José Cortés.  But that is only a small portion of an otherwise fantastic album. Again if you love flamenco guitar, you are going to love this album!! But don’t just listen to me…..
What Other Are Saying About Terceto Kali
“Rhythms, tonalities and modulations rich, complex and tasty. Rock-solid bass support, hugely inventive percussion, guitar of virtuoso agility. I’ve known Jason and his work for a long time. But, it’s as if he and his musicians locked themselves in the studio and came out months or years later, masters of a new jazz-flamenco jazz, genuinely fused, not welded, and sparking with energy. As I have with Terceto Kali, meet the new Jason McGuire “El Rubio” and the trio.”
– Douglas Rankin, President Emeritus, Irvine Barclay Theatre, Producer, New World Flamenco Festival

Terceto Kali is one of the most rewarding albums in recent memory thanks to Jason McGuire’s compositional skills in blending so many various styles always with a view to creating something intelligent and creative, emotional and accessible. The trio of McGuire, Paul Martin Sounder and Marlon Aldana are on an odyssey of musical discovery and innovation and “El Rubio” is their Odysseus.

~Travis Rogers, Jr. is The Jazz Owl (Complete Review)

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