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My Return to a Past Schedule……

Setting a New Old Schedule to Get Me Back to What I Love!

So one of my favorite genres of music Americana, which to me includes folk, Americana, Blues and Alt-Country music has kinda gotten lost from my music rotation over the last year or so. Back when I started this blog, this genre of music, that l listen to the most. Lately though, I have listened to more Progressive Rock, Jazz and New Age. than Americana. I convinced myself that I really didn’t like the Americana that was out there nowadays! After spending most of the weekend searching for new Americana, I do believe that I have been missed out on some good stuff!!

So I thought maybe over the next several weeks I would try to return to those days of yesteryear (well at least back to 2010) and try to re-establish my old routine. Here was my old schedule –

Monday – Folk Monday – I’d load up my device of choice with several folk albums and then write about my favorites at the end of the day.

I did likewise for the rest of the week ……

Tuesday – Twang Tuesday – Bluegrass, Progressive Bluegrass and other twangy bands!

Wednesday – Blues

Thursdayy – Jazz

Friday – Flashback Friday – a look back into those long forgotten bands and artists and maybe some of those classic rockers who are still around

Saturday – Prog Rock

Sunday – New Age.

In addition to listening and reviewing these genres on these days, I also plan to listen to certain genre while doing certain activities, such as I listen to jazz while I’m reading, New Age while exercising and meditating. I like blues and progressive rock while I’m running (and I plan on getting back into that once Oliver goes into daycare, I’ll need something to keep me occupied and of how much I’ll miss him!). The bottom line is that i want to get back into listen to more of the music that I love (Americana) and writing about it and the above schedule may keep my ADD Mind on track!! Now if you’ll excuse me I have some folk music to listen to (and I have to go babysit my granddaughter Zoe) The first two new Folk albums I am going to give a listen are the latest from Darryl Purpose Still Birds and then Ben Bedford’s The Pilot and the Flying Machine.….after that there’s the new albums from old friends like: Mark Erelli, Darrel Scott, and Jimmy LaFave along with many albums from folks I don’t know about!! See Ya!!