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Run & Rock with Cargo from Royal Hunt!

The Run


So after our trip to Moorestown on Sunday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to run or not. But I was able to get myself moving and I headed on out. I loaded up a little prog on the iPhone, Cargo the latest from the band Royal Hunt and I was off, but not for long. Over the last several weeks, the back of my left shoe has rubbed on my foot and I developed a blister which popped and now I am left with the residual irritation, I have put a band-aid over the spot and that helps but Sunday I started running without the band-aid because my foot hadn’t felt too bad. Mistake! After the first quarter-mile I knew I had two choices return home and put a new band-aid on and hope that worked or struggle through the run and then probably limp  for the next two days. While I knew I could do the later. I also knew that the correct choice was to go home and put the band-aid on! I chose that option. I walked the quarter-mile home put the band-aid on and walked back to the point where I had paused the Fitbit and restarted the run.

The band-aid worked, minimal discomfort. I finished the first mile in 10:17 and knew that part of the reason was the little break that I had after the first quarter-mile, But still that was pretty fast for me and I felt pretty good. And while my pace went down after that first mile to 10:40 /mile on the second mile and 11:00 on the third, I did finish my first three-mile run of 2016! in 31:59 for an overall pace of 10:39 /mile!! Yeah me!  So overall what started out as a bad run, ended up to be a really nice run! What was even nicer was Cargo from Royal Hunt.

The Rock: Cargo from Royal Hunt


Cargo is a live double album released in 2016 by Royal Hunt, Royal Hunt, which calls Denmark their home base, is a progressive metal band like Dream Theater – symphonic  heavy-metal with strong classical influences. The band was founded by the Moscow born musical genius Andre Andersen. Primarily a keyboardist, Andersen can virtually play any instrument, compose, write lyrics and produce all at the same time. Since 1992, the Royal Hunt has released 13 studio albums and Cargo is their fifth Live release! I first listened to Royal Hunt back around 2013 and wrote a post about their release in that year A Life to Die For. You can read more about that album and the band in that post here

Here’s some press about Cargo from Royal Hunt’s website….

“If you haven’t been able to see Royal Hunt live, this album is a great way to get a glimpse of what you’ve been missing….this double live album is true ear candy.”
– Pam and Mark Schaff, Royal Hunt – [CARGO] Review (Mar 27, 2016)

“The sound on this record is flawless – huge props to everyone involved in the sound aspect of this album, because you did brilliantly!”
– Nemo Atkins, Live Album Review: Royal Hunt – [CARGO] (Mar 22, 2016)

While most of the tracks on the album are unfamiliar to me I still am enjoying the album very much and think I will need to go back and check out the albums where the tunes on Cargo originally are found! So like always check them out!!

Links for the Further Exploration of Royal Hunt

Artist’s Website

Here is Royal Hunt with  “Half Past Loneliness” (Live from Cargo)