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Eternal Wanderers and a Late Afternoon Walk

Is there a better name for a Neo-Prog Group to Power a Walk than Eternal Wanderers?
The Walk

So yesterday I actually got off my butt again and went for a walk! This one was a 3.1 mile walk at pace of 15:20 /mile which means the walk lasted 47 minutes and 34 seconds! Not bad overall, so it looks like one more walk tomorrow and then maybe I’ll try to run on the weekend! The soundtrack for the run was a Neo-Prog band Eternal Wanderers.

The Soundtrack  Eternal Wanderers – Neo-Prog – Russia

Eternal WanderersEternal Wanderers is a Neo-prog band from Russia. The band plays a  “Psychedelic Neo Prog” with female vocals and was formed in 1997 by the Kanevskaya sisters, Elena and Tatyana.

The album that I listened to on my walk was The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow. It is their latest release and the album consists of two CDs The band has been part of Moscow’s underground scene 1998. Their stage performances are uncommon for the Moscow scene. They typically use psychedelic slide shows on a big screen behind the stage at their live shows. One their website the band writes this about the album….

The album is a result of the 5-years endeavor, and it incarnates the fundamental idea of EW’s creative activity. The music style of the album is the mix of art-psychedelic rock, electronics and sympho-electronic experiment…..

….Welcome into the world
Where reality and fantasy merge into a single whole,
Where solitude is all-conquering, joy is enormous,
And pain has no boundaries.
Come, and reveal the mystery of the cosmic sorrow.
But having once done it,
Your sanity will never return back to you.

The musician line-up for The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow is

– Elena Kanevskaya / lead vocals, keyboards
– Tatyana Kanevskaya / guitars, backing vocals
– Dmitry Shtatnov / bass, backing vocals, analog synths and effects
– Sergey Rogulya / drums, percussion
– Dmitry Drogunov / flute
– Alisher Zvid / saxophone (Methane Rain, The Space)

Bottom Line: Eternal Wanderers biography at ProgArchives says that the band will appeal to  fans of  Mostly Autumn, Karnataka, Magenta, Pendragon, The Black Noodle Project, and Blackfield, and since I like the majority of those bands, it makes sense that I would like this album. I am not sold totally on the vocals, sorry girls, but I love the space rock, psychedelic instrumental tracks. Overall, the music is consistently engrossing throughout the album. When I went to the band’s website I saw that they have posted the lyrics of the songs., I do believe that another listen with the lyrics is in order!! Overall, I would give the album a solid 4.o out of 5, i.e. I  really, really like it! So Check Them Out!

Links for the Further Exploration of Eternal Wanderers


Here are Eternal Wanderers with the track “Silent World” from The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow