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Delusion Rain – Mystery


Mystery – Delusion Rain – Canada – Neo-Prog

I haven’t visited the site – lately, but I thought tonight would be a good night for some prog rock, so I took a trip to the site to check out the latest albums. When I search through prog albums by artists I don’t know (that’s most of them at progstreaming), the first albums that I give a listen to are the one’s whose albums covers look the most interesting. One of the album covers that caught my eye was from the band Mystery and their album Delusion Rain. Within the first few minutes of listening to the album, I knew I was going to like this band! Nice guitar, nifty vocals with words that I can actually understand and very melodic music. I was actually not surprised, when I went to ProgArchives, that the sub-genre of the band’s music was neo-prog, sometimes bordering on symphonic.

Mystery was formed in 1986, as a six-member band, led by French Canadian guitarist/lyricist/producer Michel St-Père. According to Mystery’s biography at ProgArchives…..

…..Over the years, MYSTERY’s style has evolved from AOR (STYX, ASIA) to more adventurous art rock like that of RUSH and SAGA, but featuring delicate acoustic passages not normally heard from these two. Their music is based on St-Père’s guitar play, which is well executed yet appropriately restrained, while the keyboards remain in the background. MYSTERY won’t dazzle you with technical prowess but you will appreciate their strong melodies, outstanding vocals (Gary Savoie is often compared to JOURNEY’s Steve Perry), elegant arrangements and attention to detail Read More

Mystery is recommended for fans of SAGA, KANSAS, JOURNEY, RUSH and to fans of melodic rock in general.


The Musician line-up on Delusion Rain includes:

– Jean Pageau / vocals, keyboards, flute
– Michel St-Père / electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards
– Benoît Dupuis / keyboards
– François Fournier / bass guitar, Taurus pedals, keyboards
– Sylvain Moineau / electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar
– Jean-Sébastien Goyette / drums

So once again I will say Check these guys out! While I will be checking out some of their earlier albums particularly their last three albums  Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face (2007), One Among the Living (2010) and  (2012) which I read were extremely well-received by critics and fans alike! I like the cover art from The World is a Game the best, so maybe I’ll start with that album!

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