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Carrie Newcomer’s Music Highlights a Folk Friday

This week I have listened to some music from some artists that have been a staple in my music rotation for a number of years. On Wednesday, the playlist for my morning commute was composed on music from three of my acoustic guitar favorites Acoustic Alchemy, Alex de Grassi, and Brooks Williams. Then on Friday I decided that I would again make it Folk Friday. My choice as the artist for my morning commute was Carrie Newcomer. At some point on Wednesday I heard one of my favorite Carrie Newcomer songs “Holy as a Day is Spent” and I guess that was brought her music to the forefront for Friday.

That same song “Holy as a Day is Spent” started the mix of Carrie’s music that became the soundtrack for my morning commute. That song leads off Carrie’s album The Gathering of Spirits. I listened to several songs from that album including one of my favorites “Silver”  A song that speaks to love as one goes silver….

 Will you love me when we go silver
When our ears and noses get bigger
When Arthritis starts to nag
And our best parts start to sag

Will you love me in reading glasses
Kiss my neck and still make passes
And our grandchildren we’ll scandalize
By holding hands and making eyes


Chorus: There is no real way of knowin’
But if things keep goin’ the way they’re goin’
I will promise you again
I will be with you and we’ll be the best of friends


Complete lyrics

After those few songs I switched to Carrie’s album Everything is Everywhere like most of her albums this one has a spiritual vibe to it. From Amazon…

A love for haunting melody lines, an attraction to compelling rhythms and a sense of deep spiritual grounding are the connecting threads in this new collaborative project between folk singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer and the famous Indian family of sarod players, Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan.
Everything Is Everywhere is the aural embodiment of East meets West with an elegant and extraordinary bridge between Indian classical tradition and Western songwriting form. Carrie Newcomer, Amjad, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan are accompanied by Grammy-nominated percussionist Jim Brock and pianist Gary Walters on this album.
Profits from Everything is Everywhere will benefit the vital international work of The Interfaith Hunger Initiative. More at Amazon

Carrie a practicing Quaker not only sings spiritual songs, but she lives a spiritual life. Along with her 15 solo albums she has…..

…. received numerous awards for her music and related charitable activities. She has done numerous collaborations with authors, academics, philosophers and musicians. In 2009 and 2011 she traveled to India as a cultural ambassador, including musical performances organized by the US State Department. In 2012 she made a similar trip to Kenya on behalf of the Interfaith Hunger Initiative. Her range of causes, activities, collaborations and philosophies significantly influences her music. More at Wikipedia

On the way home I listened to a few more tracks. Among those tracks was another of my Carrie Newcomer favorites “Betty’s Diner”

After those several songs I listened to a mix of music that included several tracks from Bill Morrissey, Mississippi John Hurt and Cephas & Wiggins, All in all it was a good day of music!

Bottom Line: Carrie Newcomer has a rich voice and she writes great song that are at times emotional and intimate. Her songs explore politics, and spirituality with compassion insight and wit. What I did discover is that there are several Carrie Newcomer albums that are missing from my collection including Before& After which is a great album  and her latest A Permeable Life. So while I am adding these albums, why don’t you check out ALL of Carrie’s music!!

Links for the Further Exploration of the Music of Carrie Newcomer

Carrie’s Website

As I scrolled through Carrie’s status updates I spotted this one from December 14th

The nights lengthen as we near the winter solstice.
Now, when daylight is in such short supply, let us turn toward one another to spill out and share a different kind of light. All is not dark, even in the darkest nights. There is still something whole and sacred in the world – there is still a light in the window – and it is all still completely possible.

– Carrie Newcomer

Here’s Carrie’s song reflecting the above sentiment “A Light in the Window”…..