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Alex de Grassi – AM Acoustic Mix – Part II

Alex de Grassi Provides the Middle of a Great Morning Mix.

So yesterday morning’s acoustic guitar mix began with a few tracks from Acoustic Alchemy’s album Blue Chip. The great acoustic guitar vibes continued with music from albums by Alex de Grassi and Brooks Williams, two of my favorite acoustic guitarists. Alex de Grassi‘s music came on in the middle of the commute I listened to a few tracks from the album A Windham Hill Retrospective. The music for the last part of the commute was composed of music from Brooks Williams’ album Little Lion a favorite of mine!

In this post, I’ll cover Alex de Grassi’s: A Windham Hill Retrospective and album composed of sixteen tracks taken from albums de Grassi released on Windham Hill from 1978 to 1991. It is a wonderful collection of music from this great guitarist. From his biography at AllMusic…

….Over the years, de Grassi has proven to be an innovative guitarist and composer whose mastery of acoustic finger-picking styles has grown to include a variety of other techniques and ethnic influences. Though he left briefly to record with RCA Novus, de Grassi has since returned to the Windham Hill fold. In the mid-’80s, his travels to Bolivia became a major inspiration. He made numerous field recordings during his visits and first incorporated indigenous influences from the culture on his 1987 RCA Novus release Altiplano. His contacts with Bolivia’s Contemporary Orchestra of Native Instruments also set in motion the ensemble’s first American release, Arawl, on the New Albion label. de Grassi continued experimenting with different genres and sounds that included guitar lullabies (1996’s Beyond the Night Sky), his 1999 album of James Taylor interpretations, and 2000’s collaboration with world music artist Quique Cruz, Tata Monk. Moving back to solo guitar work, his exploration of American folk music can be heard on 2003’s Now and Then: Folk Songs for the 21st Century. Reand More

While I have listened to Alex de Grassi’s 1998 release The Water Garden, I have not listened to any of his more recent releases.I think that after listening to his music yesterday, I think that needs to happen.

Links for the Further Exploration of the Music of Alex de Grassi

Artist’s Website

Here’s “Turning”  from Turning: Turning Back Alex de Grassi’s debut album on Windham Hill.