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GospelbeacH fuels a good four-mile run!!

The Run – Creek Out and Back – 4 miles

So I’ spent another Sunday watching football rather than pounding the pavement! I did however make myself take to the streets yesterday after a four-hour shift at Target. I decided that a nice easy four-mile run would be the best and I  was not going to push it, but I would go a little harder than I did last week! The four-mile course that I picked was my old standby Creek Out and Back.

The first mile of the run for me is always the hardest. Sometimes, like yesterday it takes a while to get in the flow. The first half-mile really was a struggle yesterday even though I was right on pace for a ten-minute mile. The first mile ended up being 10:02 /mile. The second mile was better and I started to get in rhythm. I held the 10:02 pace through that mile. Usually, on the third mile I slow down a little, a. because I’m old and b. just so that I have something left for the end of the run. The pace for the third mile was 10:10/mile. I did find myself though getting into the rhythm of the music. Oh, by the way the soundtrack for the run was Pacific Surf Line from the band GospelbeacH. The final mile was fairly strong particularly over the last half-mile. The pace was 9:56/mile and I finished the run in 40:15 for an overall pace of 10:03/mile. I almost broke that 40 minute barrier! The funny thing was that the running time for the 9-song album was exactly 40 minutes! So maybe I’ll use the album again and see if I can beat it to the finish!! I used to have a playlist where I knew where the 40 minute mark was and I knew I had to get to the finish before the end of a certain song!! Anyway, it was a good run and like all good runs it leaves you wanting to do it again soon!!

The Soundtrack – GospelbeacH – Pacific Surf Line

Like I said the soundtrack of the run was the album Pacific Surf Line from the band GospelbeacH. I had never heard of the band when I spotted their album at the number 20 spot on the November 2015 Euro-Americana Chart. I went to Spotify, found the album and gave it the 30 second test and fell in love with the opening track “California Steamer”! The band reminds me a lot of New Riders of the Purple Sage and other bands of the ilk! Bands that have the psychedelic country cowboy vibe!! Even the album cover has the 70s GospelbeacHfeel! Here’s some information about the band from their website

GospelbeacH is Tom Sanford (drums), Brent Rademaker (vocals, guitar), Jason Soda (vocals, guitar), Neal Casal (vocals, guitar), and  Kip Boardman (vocals, bass), with guest appearance by Nelson Bragg (vocal harmonies).

The five members of GospelbeacH possess a prestigious collective resume that includes membership in Beachwood Sparks, Further, The Tyde, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Everest. But one listen to the quintet’s warmly wonderful debut album Pacific Surf Line will instantly dispel any preconceptions about supergroup self-indulgence or side-project slumming.


album—which Brent and Jason co-produced with Scott Hackwith, known for his studio work with the likes of Spiritualized and the Ramones—embodies an open-hearted optimism that’s reflected in the band’s sunny, upbeat songcraft, and in the buoyant, organic performances that show off the quintet’s uncanny, instinctive chemistry.Read More



Bottom Line: Pacific Surf Line from GrospelbeacH is a fun album for all of you folks that love the classic rock of the 70s. So Check Them Out!! As for me I have a lot of checking out to do of the bands that these guys have played in. I stared by checking out Beachwood Sparks ast night – good stuff!! Oh and I also have to finish a four-mile run BEFORE Pacific Surf Line is finished!!

Links for the Further Exploration of the Music of GospelbeacH

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Here’s the official video for the second track on Pacific Surf Line “Sunshine Skyway” from GospelbeacH. This song made the second half of the first mile of my run a lot of fun!!