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Groovin’ at the Crosse Roads on a Four Mile Run…..

The Run – Creek Out and Back – Modified – 4.03 miles

So today I ran for the first time in almost two weeks!! Two reasons, one a nagging cold that has been mostly nasal congestion and the other a very busy two weeks! Anyway, I worked today an easy Black Friday at Target. Nobody is buying food on Black Friday!! This afternoon I came home had leftovers from yesterday’s dinner and then took a nap! When I woke up I didn’t really feel like running, but the temperature was in the 60s and there was still about an hour of daylight so I decided to go for it! I thought about running a course with a hill but then I thought better about it and figured I needed a positive run, not a struggling run so I decided on the old Creek Out and Back!

I was pleasantly surprised with my overall time of 41:07 and my average pace of 10:10/mile. Here are the splits: Mile 1 – 10:08 Mile 2 10:02 Mile 3 10:17 and Mile 4 10:15/mile. My average heart rate was a little high 148 but within 5 minutes of stopping the run it was down close to 100 and soon after under 100 beats per minute. Overall, I feel good and am looking forward to Sunday’s run!! Oh and the run put me close to 20,000 steps for the day on my Fitbit and I am now over that number!!

The Soundtrack: Groovin’ at the Crosse Roads – Heather Crosse

The soundtrack of the run was the debut release on Ruf Records from Heather Crosse Groovin’ at the Crosse Roads. The album entered the top 50 on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart this week and is holding down spot Number 28. The main reason the Heather’s album caught my eye was that it was on Ruf Records. Ruf Records’ artist catalog includes many of my favorite blues artists. You can check out their catalog here. Blues women, who I enjoy among those artists include: JoAnne Shaw Taylor, Ana Popovic, Christina Skolberg, Dani Wilde and Samantha Fish!

But back to Groovin’ at the Crosse Roads. Crosse hails from Louisiana and began here musical journey while living in Arkansas, when she was in her twenties. While Crosse has been singing for 31 of her years, she began playing bass for 18 years. In those Arkansas years she played bass for Detroit/Arkansas Blues man, St. Thomas Jenkins. Her musical journey led her to Clarksdale, Mississippi and the world-famous “Blues Crossroads, which she now calls home. During those years, when Heather was backing her Blues mentors, she was also fronting her own Soul Blues band, Heavy Suga’ & The SweeTones. You can check out more about the band here

Groovin’ at the Crosse Roads was produced by the Grammy Award winning, legendary blues producer, Jim Gaines. Heather met Jim when she recorded the “Ruf’s Blues Caravan 2015: Girls With Guitars” album & was so excited when Jim signed on to produce her solo album.

Overall, I enjoyed the album and Heather’s vocals and playing. I really do need to listen to the album a few times when I am not huffing and puffing to determine how much I enjoy the album. One thing is for sure the songwriting appears to be one of the strong suits of the album!! So Check It Out!!!

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Here’s “Walkin’ in Their Shoes” from Groovin’ at the Crosse Roads from Heather Crosse