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Buy My Soul Back – Kevin Selfe

Great Soundtrack to a New Workout Type…..

Kevin Selfe – Buy My Soul Back  *****

The Workout….

So Sunday after sitting through that miserable Eagles loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs, I just couldn’t make myself lace up my new running shoes and go for a run! What I did instead was pull out the stationary bike and did a 30 minute interval workout. I really didn’t know how to lay out the workout – so I ended up alternating 1 minute of fast riding followed by 1 or 2 minutes of relatively slow riding. The result that I was able to get and keep my heart rate up to the 130s during the high intensity riding and then having it drop back down in the recovery portion.

So I think it was a productive workout and I am looking forward to making these types of workouts a part of my exercise schedule. What I think I need to do is scour the Net for stationary bike interval workouts.  I have already found a couple that look promising! Anyone have any favorites that they can tell me about??

Kevin Selfe

The Soundtrack

While I was spinning my way through those thirty minutes I had Kevin Selfe’s new album Buy My Soul Back playing in the background! I like my blues with a lot of guitar and Kevin Selfe’s music provides just that along with some fine vocals and songwriting! I discovered Kevin’s music back in 2010 when I first started blogging and exploring more new music.

Buy My Soul Back is Selfe’s third release following Selfe-Contained and Long Road Back both of which I have listened  and enjoyed previously. The full name of Kevin’s band is Kevin Selfe and The Tornadoes. The Tornadoes are his rhythm section – Allen Markel on bass and Don Schultz on drums. On both Long Road Back and Buy My Soul Back

Kevin has enlisted some of his blues friends to help out. Those friends include:Jimi Bott, Sugaray Rayford, Mitch Kashmar, Willie J Campbell, Gene Taylor, James Pace, Lisa Mann and many more. Jimi Bott is a member of the Kevin’s Big Band and plays drums. Other members of the big Band include: ; Joe McCarthy – trumpet; Chris Mercer – tenor sax; Brad Ulrich – baritone sax; Steve Kerin – keys.

Here’s what it says about the album on his website:

This latest collection of songs reveals an unwavering dedication to the traditional blues school, and yields yet another deft homage to empty wallets, ne-er-do-wells, and the enduring theme of love’s rapid melt. With “Buy My Soul Back”, Kevin Selfe has cemented his reputation as a masterful, dyed-through, true bluesman.

Bottom Line: Buy My Soul Back is one of my favorite blues albums of the year. Selfs’s guitar work is stellar throughout the album as is his songwriting!! From the opening tracks “Picking Up Empty Pockets” and “Fix It Until It’s Broke” (I love Mitch Khasmar’s harp on the latter track),  through the title track and “All Partied Out” to the ending track “Staring Up at the Bottom” I just think the album is great!!! Oh, and of course I love the instrumental track “Pig Pickin'”!! So Check It Out!!

Links for the Further Exploration of the Music of Kevin Selfe….

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Here’s Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes performing the title track from Buy Back My Soul!!