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Sky Architects Danish Prog on a Four-Mile Run!

The Run – Friday October 30, 2015 – 4 miles

So again I am two runs behind. On Friday (Oct 30th) I ran four miles over flat course and then yesterday I ran a practice 10K over portions of the same course and of course adding a coupe of more miles. Yesterday’s run was a little more challenging, I tried to keep it slow throughout the run and did maintain a pace that was slower than Thursday’s run but still maybe a little faster than I wanted to run. In my defense, I will say that I had to keep the pace a little faster because of the impending darkness. I had hoped to start the run around 3 o’clock, but then I went to Target instead and didn’t start my run until around 4:15 so with the end of Daylight Savings Time It was getting dark over the last part of the run!!

But back to Thursday’s run. Like I said it was on a 4 mile flat course and my times were reflective of that. The overall time for the run was 40:08 (10:02 mile pace) Here are the splits. Mile 1 9:55 Mile 2 -10:03 Mile 3 10:08 and Mile 4 – 9:56  I not bad I only missed going under 40 minutes by those 8 lousy seconds. I really didn’t think I was that close when I was taking it easy on mile 3!! Again my heart rate was pretty good, it averaged 142 bpm over the run! On again I will say I think that it is time to hit the track for a little interval work in hopes of lowering my times even more!! The problem with that is I have to do the workouts at night because the school uses the track during the day and I also have to pick a night that they don’t have a game!! Maybe I’ll try to find a flat area were I can do some intervals on the road

The Soundtrack – The Hollows – Sky Architects – Denmark!

The soundtrack for the run was The Hollows from Sky Architects. I was excited when I saw this new release the other day. I knew that I had listened to this band before and had enjoyed their work. The album was really good somewhat different from what I expected but enjoyable none the less. When I went to research the band this morning I discovered that they were NOT who I thought they were. These guys have an s on the end of Architect! Sky Architect is a heavy prog quintet from the Netherlands. While Sky Architects is a four-man  Post Rock/Math band from Aarhus, Denmark!! From ProgArchives….

SKY ARCHITECTS are a post rock band from Aarhus formed in 2006 by Stefan FAST, Thomas LASSEN, Benjamin GRANEBERG and Steffen RASMUSSEN. The group, inspired by metal, pop, post rock, and soundtrack music amongst other genres, has been recording and touring regularly since that time and after a couple of smaller releases created their first full length album in 2012 called ‘The Promise Of Tomorrow’. Read More

On their bandcamp page Sky Architects writes this about themselves….

Four guys who are in love with music, have set out to create sounds that inspire them and are fun to make. These sounds tend to be quite EPIC!

So check them out!! Hmm! I was looking for a post about Sky Architect seems I may not have done one! I may have to correct that!!

Links for Further Explorations of Sky Architects

Artist’s WebSite

Here’s the video for the title track of The Hollows from Sky Architects.