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Run Update 10/22/15 – 4.2 Miles with Neo-Prog!

The Run: 4.2 Mile Harper Loop

So I have done a pretty bad job of posting about my runs lately, I don’t think I have posted anything since last Monday’s run. That run was my first run while wearing the Fitbit and it is a good one!! Since then I’ve run three more times and while none of the runs were as fast as that Monday run they have all been pretty good!!

Last Thursday’s run was  a 4.2 mile run over a course that is the hilliest of any that I run. Here’s is a graph of the elevation changes on the course….

Elevations on the Harper Loop Run

You can see from about the 1.5 mile-mark the elevations rise from elevation 20 to 100!! The pace was probably a little too fast on this run….my average heart rate was 159 bpm, the max rate was 177! Guess where the top of the hill, but at the end of the decent it was back to 142! Over the last few yards my rate again climbed into the 170s but within 5 minutes it was back down to 102!!

The overall pace for the run was 10:20 mile. Here are the splits…..Mile 1 – 10:11 mile, Mile 2 10:39/mile  Mile 3 10:02/mile Mile 4 10:38 /mile. Yes it was too fast through the first 3 miles so I was hurting at the end of the run, but the pace was still pretty good!!


The Soundtrack: Yuka & Chronoship – The 3rd Planet Chronicles

The soundtrack for the run was The 3rd Planetary Chronicles from the Japanese Neo-Prog band Yuka & Chronoship. From ProgArchives….

YUKA & CHRONOSHIP were founded in 2009 as a Japanese Neo-Prog quartet by a female keyboardist / vocalist / composer Yuka FUNAKOSHI, already active as a solo artist for over a decade. Supported with three session musicians – Shun TAGUCHI (bass), Takashi MIYAZAWA (guitar), and Ikko TANAKA (drums, percussion), her gracious ship got launched in the vein of late-70s progressive rock and released their debut voyage “Water Reincarnation” via Musea Records in 2011. Read More

You can read a good review of the album here at ProgArchives! I enjoyed the album as best I could while I was struggling throughout this run!! I really have to listen to the album when I am not running!! But check it out!! Ok so this is one of the three running updates that I need to write to catch up. Next up is Sunday’s run and then yesterday’s run!! (I am writing this while my grandson Oliver is napping and I want to get it done before he gets up, which is why I am breaking the runs into separate posts!!)

Links for Further Explorations of Yuka & Chronoship

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Here’s The Official Trailer for The 3rd Planet Chronicles from Yuka & Chrononship to give you a taste of their talents……