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Encantado – Jim Stubblefield

Jim Stubblefield

Encantado – Showcases Jim Stubblefield’s Guitar Wizardry!


So last week while I was reading Richard Laymon’s No Sanctuary I was also listening to Encantado  the latest album from flamenco guitarist Jim Stubblefield. I stumbled on Stubbefield’s music on a trip a few years ago to the Princeton Record Exchange. On that trip I bought his 2007 release Inspiracion and really liked it. I haven’t listened to it enough lately though, I used to listen to a lot of flamenco guitar when I was writing reports at Lippincott, which I haven’t been doing at all lately!! Anyway I went to Spotify and was going to listen to Inspiracion but then I saw that Stubblefield had released Encantado so I gave that album a listen and I am a bigger fan of Jim after giving the album several listens!! This morning I listened to some of the album on my way back from a shopping trip to Target and then this afternoon it was the soundtrack for my hour-long run!!

Listening to Encantado is a real treat,Stubblefield is a an incredible guitarist and the atmospheric music on Encantado conjures up all kinds of images. From Stubblefield’s website…..

Encantado, that demonstrates his versatility as a guitarist, composer and arranger. The album title derives from his appreciation of folklore and fantasy. Encantado is a term that means charm, enchantment and even intimacy. It appears in Brazilian folklore as the general designation for a legend that begins in an underwater realm called “Encante” and encompasses mythical creatures including spirit beings, shape-shifting snakes and especially the “boto encantado” pink dolphin that lives in the Amazon River and its tributaries (the myth says that the boto is able to turn into a human form). There are tales of the dolphin attending dances and celebrations in villages along the rivers, and having intimate relations with humans (some South Americans claim to be related to the boto). The Encantado album cover illustration depicts a guitar next to a Brazilian river with a snake and pink dolphin. Read more

Stubblefield is joined on Encantado by some great musicians including:

…. Randy Tico (Strunz & Farah, Flora Purim & Airto) on bass, Novi Novog (David Arkenstone, Prince, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa) on viola and violin, Ramon Yslas (Luis Villegas, Strunz & Farah, David Sanborn, Christine Aguilera) on percussion, and Moksha Sommer (member of the neo-folk and world-rock group HuDost) on vocals. Guesting on one tune each are guitarists Eric Hansen and Mark Barnwell. – Read More

Bottom Line: If you are a fan of guitarist like Jesse Cook, Armik, Govi and Ottmar Liebert you’re going to love Encantado!  So Check Out the Guitar Wizardry of Jim Stubblefield!!

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