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Since Ever’s Prog Rock Powers a Four-Mile Run

So after babysitting Oliver on Monday and then working yesterday at Target, I was a little tired yesterday and it was one of the two days I can run this week. After work I seriously thought about skipping the run, but on a quick shopping trip my wife asked if I was going to run. I said, “I’m thinking about it!” Hum, did she read my post or did she just assume that it was a day I could run?? Either way it kinda sealed the deal that I was going to run!!I decided that I would run 4 miles, but over a course without a hill! So once again I carved out a new four mile course over the familiar streets of Riverside and Delran.

I also decided that the soundtrack for the run would be some new progressive rock. I first checked out the new releases at New Releases Now and then New Prog Releases. I selected  a Swedish Metal/Rock/Symphonic band called Since Ever and their just released album Isolation!

But back to the run– I wanted to have a strong steady run I didn’t want to push too hard, but at the same time I  wanted the run to be a little faster than usual and actually that’s the way the run turned out! Over the first mile it seemed that I was moving a little faster than the clocked time of 10:55 and actually it looked like the GPS was off as the mile mark was well beyond were it normally is. The second mile seemed better (10:31) and the mile mark was about where it normally is. I slowed down a little over the third mile (10:45) and then I tried to and successfully did pick up the pace over the last mile, covering the fourth mile at an average pace of 10:31 /mile. Overall, it was a good run and I felt like less of a plodder and more like a runner over the last mile or so!! Overall the pace was 10:41 /mile over the 4.01 mile course. I liked the course and it will be used again!!

The Soundtrack: Since Ever – Metal/Rock/Symphonic – Sweden 

Since Ever is a Metal/Rock/Symphonic band that hails from Stockholm Sweden. The members include:

Linda Lundberg – Vocals Niklas Johansson – Guitar Andreas Bohlin – Keyboards Isac Danielsson – Bass Olle Holst Ussing – Drums

On their Bandcamp website it says that …..

Since Ever has combined the soaring strings of film soundtracks with the rhythmic intensity of modern metal into an epic sound that resulted in their brand new album Isolation!

Yes the album does soar! The “Isolation Prologue” drew me right into the album.  I really liked the album. Linda Lundberg provides fantastic vocals and Niklas Johnansson some fine guitar licks particularly on the track “All I Have”! So Check Them Out!!

Links for Further Exploration of the Music of Since Ever


Here’s the official video for the track “Alive” from Isolation by Since Ever