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Music from Jerry Jeff Walker Powers A Fine Morning Run!

The Run

This morning when I woke up I felt pretty good and there was no question that I was going to run, My pre-run exercise was my Kundalini-Weights routine followed by a 10-minute meditation, The music for both was Illumination of the Heart the latest release from New Age artist Deuter. The album has been in my rotation for over a week now and has been a soundtrack for yoga/meditation and also a run. When I finished my yoga and changed into my running clothes, I weighed myself and was shocked at a weight of 170 lbs! Down about 3 to 4 pounds from when I started running a month ago!

I finally decided that the rum would be over my old Creek Out and Back 4 mile course. I mulled over several options and finally decided that it was the best choice for today! I did change the music around a little and rather than listening to new music, I decided to make an all-time favorite Jerry Jeff Walker the soundtrack for the run. The album that I chose was Gypsy Songman. The album was released several years ago, along with Jerry Jeff’s autobiography Gypsy Songman. 

So off I went to the sound of “Gypsy Songman” the song, I ran the first half-mile comfortably listening to JJW and when I looked down at the iPhone a little past the half way mark I was shocked to see that my pace was 10:18 /mile and it shockingly stayed that way through the first mile. While I slowed down during the 2nd mile my average pace through the first two miles was under 10:30/mile! The average pace crept up over the last two miles and ended at 10:40 /mile at the end of the run, Still my fastest run of the year! Yeah me again!!

Here are the splits Mile 1 10:18 /mile – Mile 2 10:35 .mile Mile 3 10:58 / mile Mile 4 – 10:46 /mile! I am always happy when the last mile is at a fast pace than mile three!

The Soundtrack  Gypsy Songman – Jerry Jeff Walker


When I finished the run, I thought to myself that it was really nice listening to some of my favorites from Jerry Jeff Walker’s songs like: “Stoney”, “Railroad Lady”, “My Old Man” “She Knows Her Daddy Sings” and the previously mentioned “Gypsy Songman” which I heard twice!! For those of you who don’t know Jerry Jeff Walker…..from Wikipedia…

Jerry Jeff Walker (born Ronald Clyde Crosby on March 16, 1942 in Oneonta, New York.[1]) is an American country music singer and songwriter. Best known for writing the song “Mr. Bojangles“,[2] Walker’s prolific music career and widespread musical influence have made him an iconic fixture of the Texas country music scene. Read More

After thinking how nice it was I thought – hey maybe it would be interesting to have say Jerry Jeff Waker or John Prine be the soundtrack of the run through the first two miles of the run – followed by Dragonforce‘s fast pace metal over the last two miles…. hum maybe only the last mile two miles of Dragonforce may be too much!!

So far this weeks two runs have been the fastest of the last two months. The average pace for the two runs is 10:43/mile!! Now I just have to keep it going and if I keep making progress like I have over the last several weeks that shouldn’t be a problem!!

Here’ Jerry  Jeff Walker with “My Old Man” from the first Jerry Jeff album that entered my library Mr Bojangles