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Forest Field – Angels? And Another Four Mile Run

The Melodic Prog Rock of Forest Field Makes Another Four Mile Run Easier!

The Week

So this week has been a busy and stress filled week. Tuesday was a normal work day at Target,but on Wednesday things got a little upsetting. On Wednesday morning, when I arrived at my son Andrew’s house to babysit Oliver, Andrew was still there and wasn’t dressed for work. With my Spidey senses working overtime I asked :Is everything all right? Andrew’s response was no and that he wasn’t going to work. I questioned “Am I staying?” Yes! Soon Andrew and Meaghan were off to Urgent Care. Back in the early winter last year Andrew had severe pains in his lower chest and  upper abdomen but he took some pain medication, the pain went away, and the doctor really didn’t know what the cause was! More recently my third son Peter had the same pains, he ended up in the hospital with an initial diagnosis of pancreatititis. After an endoscopy he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.

Initially, the Urgent Care doctor wanted to just give Andrew pain medicine and send him home, but a call to Andrew’s family doctor  sent Andrew to the hospital, where he spent the rest of Wednesday and Thursday before coming home today. His diagnosis is preliminarily pancreatitis!! So what are the odds that two of my sons would have the same problem within 6 weeks of each other!! Now those odds may be great if you consider that both my daughter and my wife suffer from gerd and my wife’s father, aunt and paternal grandmother all had a hiatal hernia!!

Anyway on Wednesday so that Meaghan could stay in the hospital with Andrew (somebody has to hear what the doctor says to do!)  I gladly took Oliver and came back to our house where we hung out for a while before making the 40 minute trek back to Paulsboro. And while we only stayed until a little past 8 o’clock by the time we got home we were both beat!!!

Yesterday, I again worked at Target from 7 am until noon and then we went back to Paulsboro to relieve Meaghan’s mom who was babysitting. We first stopped at the hospital to see Andrew – I don’t like seeing my kids in the hospital! Anyway, after visit for a while it was back to Andrew’ house where we had dinner with Oliver. Luckily my daughter Elizabeth came up from Delaware to help out too. That let granddad get a few minutes of shut-eye! Meaghan came home a little before 8 and we left for home in a torrential rainstorm! Again, by the time we got home we were both beat!!

The Run

So when the alarm went off this morning I wasn’t sure that I wanted to run. But hey it’s on the schedule!! After my Kundalini and Weights routine I didn’t feel too bad, so I created yet another 4 mile route around town and took off!! Overall all the run was pretty  good I still struggled after the third mile but I made it and even had a little left for a slight sprint over the last .1 miles of the run!! Here are the splits Mile 1 – 10:39/mile, Mile 2- 10:33/mile Mile 3 -10:55/mile Mile 4 -11:17/mile and the last .07 mile – 9:50/mile Total Run 44:10   Pace 10:51/mile!!

The Soundtrack Forest Field – Angels

The soundtrack for the run was the album Angels? from the musical project known as Forest Field….. the following explains thereason I wrote “musical project” – from the Forest Field website……

Forest Field is not a band
Forest Field is a project
Forest Field is lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox
Expect some guests announcements soon…
The music is a combination of ambient, new age, progressive rock
with vintage sounds like mellotron, piano and organ
but also electric and acoustic guitars
and bass and drums where the song needs it

Steve Sheppard (One World Music Radio) writes…:

You remember those moments when you hear something so good, that the hairs stand up on your arms? Those goose bumps of magical grace and power are unleashed upon you right now, so get ready, here it is, Angels!

Vincent’s voice is its usual perfection and his ability to illustrate with his vocals is world class. The harmonies on this piece are simply delightful and the
arrangement of the composition and its structure with subtle tempo changes makes this one sublime and extremely listenable piece indeed.

Cox on guitar is incredibly inventive and adds some teasing harmonics and drives the narrative in with an underpinned sense of mystery and imagination, combined with some almost travelling Rush style guitar, we have a track, that really has a sense of drama deep in the weave. Read More

You get the idea! They’re good and so is Angels? so check them out!! Here’s the title track “Angels” from Angels? by Forest Field!

P.S. Andrew came home from the hospital this afternoon – yeah now Meaghan and Oliver can both relax a little – us, too!