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Pantommind’s Progressive Metal Fuels a Good Run

So this morning I woke up feeling kinda stiff, but I guess that is what you should expect as one approaches 64. I knew that a run was on “my schedule” but so was yoga. I decided that I was going to do my Monday morning routine of Kundalini mixed with some weights and band exercises. As I did those exercises, I started to feel better and better, so thought well just maybe I COULD run!! I also thought it would be pretty bad to extol the virtues of scheduling and then skip a run the second day it’s on my schedule!!  I decided yes I would run!!

When I went up to tell my wife that I was going, she was getting out of the shower and she reminded me that she had a doctor’s appointment in about an hour. Doing the math quickly in my head, a thirty-minute run with a short cool down should be doable! I was proud of myself. I had the perfect reason to put off the run, but I knew if I did, I wouldn’t run today!! So off I went!

I ran the same course that I ran on Friday since it is fairly flat and has a decent amount of tree cover providing needed shade! I run was not as much of a struggle as it was the first day and I was able to keep up a fairly steady pace and I felt pretty good throughout the entire run. Here are the splits: Mile 1 11:14 /mile – Mile 2 /11:29 mile 0.63 /11:43 – Total time 30:09 with a pace of 11:28 /mile. Overall the run was 42 seconds faster than Friday. I love it when it’s like that it’s what keeps me going back out there!! Oh and we made it to the doctor in plenty of time!!

Soundtrack for the Run: Pantommind – Searching for Eternity


PantommindThe soundtrack for the run was provided by Pantommind a progressive metal band from Bulgaria. From ProgArchives

PANTOMMIND is a progressive metal band from Gabrovo, Bulgaria originally consisting of “Floyd” Rossen (vocals, guitars), Pete Christ (bass, keyboards), Jiip Randam (guitars, keyboards), Tony Ivan (backing vocals) and Drago (drums, percussion). From 1990 to 1995 the band was known as LAVENDER HAZE and they created some compositions heavily influenced by Queensryche but also included many electronic motives. In 1995, the band recorded a 4 track demo called “Unreality.” Shortly after recording the demo the band changed their name to PANTOMMIND. Read More

The album that  I listened Searching for Eternity was released back in March and is the band’s third studio release following 2005′ Shade of Fate and 2009’s Lunasense. Pantommind  has provided the soundtrack previously back in 2013 when I first discovered the band. Check it out here On that run, I listened to their first album and wrote that I needed to listen to Lunasense, which by the way I still need to do…..hum, how about listening to it later in the week!!

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Here’s the video for the title track from 2005’s Shade of Fate from Pantommind