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Brian Auger a Hammond B3 Original!

Brian Auger – Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express – Hammond B3 – Born 18 July 1939


Several years ago, I discovered Jon Lord’s music through the Jon Lord Blues Project and I thought he was great! Then sadly I learned that he had passed away the previous July.  Rather than cancel the band’s scheduled tour dates Brian Auger was going to appear with the band. At that time, I decided to go and find some Brian Auger music. What I found was a career that has its roots in the 60s and is still going strong! I’ve always heard the name but never really knew the artist, though now having read some about him and seeing all the bands he’s played with I’m sure I’ve heard his Hammond B3 more than once or twice!

Here’s some quick information from Wikipedia if you’re not familiar with Brian:

Brian Auger (born 18 July 1939, London, England)[1] is a jazz and rock keyboardist, who has specialized in playing the Hammond organ.

A jazz pianist, bandleader, session musician and Hammond B3 player, Auger has played or toured with artists such as Rod Stewart, Tony Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Sonny Boy Williamson, Led Zeppelin, Eric Burdon and others. He has incorporated jazz, early British pop, R&B, soul music and rock, and he has been nominated for a Grammy….

….In 1970 he formed Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, shortly after abandoning the abortive “Wassenaar Arrangement” jazz-fusion commune in a small suburb of The Hague. The Oblivion Express served to cultivate several musicians, including future The Average White Band drummers Robbie McIntosh and Steve Ferrone, as well as guitarist Jim Mullen. Likewise, in 1971 he produced and appeared on Mogul Thrash’s only album, Mogul Thrash. Two members of that band, Roger Ball and Malcolm Duncan, would also go on to form the Average White Band……

The Oblivion Express was revived with a 2005 recording and subsequent touring. The group featured Brian Auger, his son Karma Auger on drums, his daughter Savannah Auger on vocals, and Derek Frank on bass.

In 2012, Auger released one of the few solo albums of his career, Language of the Heart, produced by Tea. It features Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Julian Coryell on guitars.

In 2014 Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express played at the KJAZZ festival in Los Angeles and toured in Japan and Europe with the following line-up: son Karma Auger on drums, daughter Ali Auger on vocals, Alex Ligertwood on vocals, Yarone Levy on guitar, Les King on bass and Travis Carlton on bass  Read Full Biography

. Over his career Brian Auger has produced a distinctive brand of  music that combines  jazz, rock, soul and funk! He has released over 20 albums and lengthy association with both the RCA and Warner Bros. labels, Brian Auger has also been nominated or a Grammy awards and had 10 albums charting in Billboards Hot 100, a #1 single, and received  title of “The Godfather of Acid Jazz”. Legendary Jazz artist Herbie Hancock has said this about Brian…..

“Brian Auger is one of the best B-3 artists I have ever heard in my life. His technique is awesome and the amount of energy he generates is unparalleled and relentless. He is a tremendous talent with a wonderfully warm and compassionate personality, a combination that is hard to beat. He deserves all the accolades.”

I’ve listened to his latest solo album Language of the Heart (Solo album) and enjoyed it, obviously the man is great! I’ve also been listening to some of the older stuff with Trinity and the Oblivion Express and enjoying those, too!

Anyway while researching Brian’s music I discovered a link between him and my music collection and that’s David Ackles. Brain and his band does a great over of David Ackle’s song “The Road to Cairo” So let’s go “Into the Night” with that tune – Here’s Brian Auger and Trinity with Julie Driscoll from 1968!