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Boz Scaggs – Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist!

Boz Scaggs – Solo and Steve Miller Band – June 8, 1944


Today Boz Scaggs celebrates his 71st birthday and for more than 45 of those years his music has been part of my music library!! I first listened to  Boz, when he was a member of his prep-school and college friend, Steve Miller’s Band, on Steve’s second album Sailor!  Boz contributed several songs and some lead vocals on that album.Back in March of this year, Boz released a new album A Fool to Care. Last week the album was number 20 on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Chart I haven’t had a chance to listen to the full album yet, since only the title track had been released on Spotify. Actually, I just checked and the whole album was released on June 2nd!! So I will try to listen to the album on the way home tonight.

Boz Scaggs was born William Royce Scaggs on June 8, 1944. From Wikipedia: Boz was…

born in Canton, Ohio,[1] the son of a traveling salesman. The family moved to McAlester, Oklahoma, then to Plano, Texas(at that time a farm town), just north of Dallas. He attended a Dallas private school, St. Mark’s School of Texas, where schoolmate Mal Buckner gave him the nickname “Bosley,” later shortened to “Boz. Read More

Most people know Boz only from his string of hits that started with his 1974 release Slow Dancer, which went gold. Boz’s career peaked with 1976’s Silk Degrees which was a 5xPlatnium album, and spawning the mega-hits “Lowdown” and “Lido’s Shuffle. Two more platinum albums followed 1977’s Down Two Then Left and Middle Man released in 1980. His final gold album of this period was the album Hits! also released in 1980. After 1980, Boz took an eight-year break from recording. Since his return in 1988, with the release of Other Roads, Boz has released seven studio albums and a couple of greatest hits albums, the most successful of these albums, was last years release Memphis, which peaked at number 17 on the US Charts.

I started the last paragraph by stating that most people know Boz because of the hit albums, and I certainly love the hits, but the albums that I really love are the ones Boz made between his leaving Steve Miller in 1969 and 1974’s Slow Dancer. Those four albums starting with the self-titled Boz Scaggs, Moments, Boz Scaggs & Band and My Time have always been my favorites. Boz Scaggs released in 1970 is my favorite among these albums, and the track “Loan Me a Dime” has a spot on my list of favorite tracks of all-time (which has really yet to be produced)!! All of these albums praised by the critics, but never caught the pubic’s fancy. Ha, what do the masses know! From AllMusic via Wikipedia….

In their retrospective review, Allmusic commented that “The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section […] gives this music genuine grit, but this isn’t necessarily a straight-up blue-eyed soul record”. They asserted that the album’s forays into country and blues created “a kind of Americana fantasia”, particularly praising “Waiting for a Train”, “Look What I Got!”, and “Loan Me a Dime.” They concluded “Boz Scaggs’ musical vision […] would grow smoother and more assured over the years, but the slight bit of raggedness suits the funky, down-home performances and helps make this not only a great debut, but also an enduring blue-eyed soul masterpiece.”

I won’t bore you with the whole 10 minute plus “Loan Me a Dime” but if you want you can listen to it here So here’s Boz in a rare video from 1971 performing “I’ll Be Long Gone” from Boz Scaggs…..Happy 70th Birthday, Bosley!!