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Interplay – Kenny Barron and Mark Sherman

InterplayKenny Barron and Mark Sherman  is Awesome*****


Last year pianist Kenny Barron and bassist Dave Holland released the terrific album The Art of Conversation. In 2015 Kenny Barron returns to the duet setting, that he has visited nine times through the years. This time Kenny has teamed up with vibraphonist Mark Sherman. The album is titled Interplay and their interplay results in another terrific album and one the I know will be in my music rotation for a long while!! What can I say I love vibes and piano, well, when it’s Kenny Barron’s fingers tickling those ivories there’s not many who are better!!

From Chesky Records at YouTube:

This stellar inter-generational collaboration between National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master and 10x GRAMMY Nominee, Kenny Barron and vibraphonist Mark Sherman, showcases their remarkable interplay on nine well-chosen standards and two originals. A consummate accompanist and one of the most lyrical pianists of our time, Barron has had a longstanding love affair with the intimate duo setting. Perhaps most memorable of all was his 1992 duet with Stan Getz on People Time, the tenor sax master’s final recording.

Now comes Interplay, his tenth duo encounter and Sherman’s first. And once again, the great pianist demonstrates his considerable skills — uncanny listening, fluid and sympathetic comping style, facile exchanges and horn-like melodic lines, rich chord voicings and impeccable time feel — in this simpatico conversation with vibist Sherman. “Kenny’s harmonic sense and just the way he serves the music is at the highest level,” says Sherman. “I was transcribing Kenny Barron solos when I was 16, 17 years old, so you can imagine how much it means to me to be recording with him.

Bottom Line: Rating *****

I will admit that I listen to a lot of jazz, when I am either reading or like know when I am writing (The Art of Conversation is on now!) and Interplay has already proved that it is a great album to have spinning,, when my fingers are flying across the keyboards and my mind is trying to keep up!! The “interplay” between the artist and their respective instruments is truly a thing of beauty!! So Check It Out!

Here;’s the promo video for Interplay from Kenny Barron and Mark Sherman….