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Night and Day – Vincent Herring

Vincent Herring – Night and Day – A 2015 Favorite!


Back on May 12 I was excited to see that saxophonist Vincent Herring had released a new album titled Night and Day. Then I saw on the album cover who Herring had playing with him on the album and I was even more excited! The other members of this quintet include: Brandi Disterheft on bass, Joe Farnsworth on drums, pianist Mike LeDonne and trumpeter, Jeremy Pelt, Both Disterheft and Farnsworth played with Herring on his last album Uptown Shuffle. On Night and Day. Mike LeDonne replaces Cyrus Chestnut on piano and Jeremy Pelt is a new addition! I first listened to some of the great piano of Mie LeDonne back in 2010 when I started to blog. I listened to his album Bag’s Groove and really liked it! Since then I’ve listened to several of his albums and each time I have been impressed by his playing. As for Jeremy Pelt I first listened to his fine trumpet on a night that I listened to trumpeters Pelt, Terrence Blanchard and Ambrose Akinmusrie! Since then like LeDonne I have listened to several of Pelt’s albums and always come away impressed. The interplay between Pelt’s trumpet and Herring’s sax is what makes this Night and Day really special for me. In his review of the album in The New York Times Nate Chinen writes this about this interplay…

Mr. Herring and Mr. Pelt have a crisp and jostling rapport, and in moments like a headlong dash through Donald Byrd’s “Fly, Little Bird, Fly,” each elevates the other’s game. The meat-and-potatoes repertory — some “I Got Rhythm” changes, some blues, the Cole Porter tune that lends the album its title — doesn’t pose a limitation for them. Read More,

While I like all of the tracks on the album it seemed that as  listened to the album the first several times, I would sneak a look at what was playing and it was usually one of the following: “Fly, Little Bird, Fly”,,”“The Adventures of Hyun Joo Lee,” “Walton” or “Wabash” so I guess those are my favorites!!

Bottom Line: For Me, Night and Day is definitely a five-star album. Herring’s playing is always great but the presence of Jeremy Pelt and Mike LeDonne lifts this album to the near the top of my list of favorites for 2015.

Here’s the title track from Night and Day from Vincent Herring….