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John Fogerty – Creedence Clearwater Revival

John FogertyCreedence Clearwater Revival and Solo – Born May 28, 1945.


2015 Update: Back in 2013 I wrote a quick post about John Fogerty on his birthday May 28th at that time Fogerty had just released the album John Fogerty Wrote a Song for Everyone. So in honor of John’s birthday, I listened to that album again today!! The majority of the album is covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival songs that topped the charts in the 60s! The great part of the album is the variety of artists that joined John on the album. The musicians include: Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, My Morning Jacket, Kid Rock, Bob Seger,Jennifer Hudson and others! John Fogerty truly did write a song for everyone!!

While Creedence Clearwater Revival was certainly a big part of the music that ‘I listened to in the 60s, but few of their albums are in my music library. They were always a radio band for me, because most times you turned on the radio you would hear a Creedence song! The compliation CD Creedence Chronilces is in my library and is a great summation of their music! I do have a couple of John’s solo albums lie Centerfield in my music collection!

Anyway, here is the short post that I wrote in 2013, with a video of John and Dawes performing “Someday Never Comes”

Originally posted at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries May 28, 2013.


Well, let’s make this quick, because I’m on my way to Trenton to drop my wife off, so she can look for dead people. Actually, she will be genealogy research at the state archives?? Looking for an ancestor in New Jersey, let me know and she’ll look!

Anyway, on this date in 1945 John Fogerty was born. When I went to his website I learned that he has a new album out John Fogerty Wrote a Song for Everyone. So rather than looking back, let’s look forward, as we celebrate his birthday. here’s John with Dawes performing a track from the new album “Someday Never Comes” Sounds good to me, I will need to check out the full album!