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Night Owl Music:Goodman and Gorka with thoughts of New Jersey!


Steve Goodman sings about the dangers of falling asleep with the TV on,

while John Gorka sings about living in New Jersey….


So we’ve all been there, it’s late at night the TVs on you fall to sleep to its glow, what could go wrong??…….maybe Steve Goodman can tell us….. in a song, that always brings a smile to my face, no matter how many times I hear it!!

and if you don’t remember or are too young to have even heard of the Veg-o-matic, here’s the commercial for”Veg-o-matic 2″!


The other day I was thinking about my home state of New Jersey and how maybe I should write more posts that focus on our state and the things that I’ve learned over my 35 years as an environmental consultant. The reason is that there are lots of misconceptions about our state that maybe I can set a few of them straight like the fact that most of us don’t say New Joisey… is Jersey there is an R in the word. And then there is the great divide in the state.  The northern part of the state identifies with New York and love those Yankees and Mets, while we folks from the southern part of the state identify with the correct city Philadelphia, and love those Eagles and the Phillies!!

Actually there are things about are state that even people who live her don’t know. For example, I was talking to my son Peter about my old job and said something about our work on New Jersey dams. His mother-in-law looked puzzled and said “there are dams in New Jersey??” I know she was thinking of  dams like the Hoover Dam, but yes New Jersey has many dams and lots of them look like this one at Sheppards Mill Pond in Greenwich, New Jersey.

Sheppards Mill Pond - Greenwich Twp New Jersey

Here’s Sheppard’s Mill Pond that the dam creates!

Sheppards Mill Pond Greenwich Twp New JerseyLooks just like the New Jersey that all of you non-natives know and love doesn’t it! Anyway these thoughts regarding posts about our state are still swirling around in my head and they may result in some posts in the future!

Musically, what pops into my head are the songs of John Gorka, who is a native of our state.Specifically, the song that comes to mind is John’s song “I’m from New Jersey. Like Steve Goodman’s song it is a song that always brings a smile to my face…..I understand …. because I’m from New Jersey……