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Tomislav Goluban – Blow Junkie

Tomislav Goluban – Blow Junkie – Great Blues Harp from Croatia

Tomislav GolubanThe other day when I was reviewing the Roots Music Reports latest Blues Chart I was intrigued by the album at number 49 Blow Junkie from Tomislav Goluban. First, I was taken aback by the album seemingly drug referenced title.But then I looked more closely at the album cover I saw the harmonica and then I understood! And then there was the artist’s name Tomislav sounds a little Eastern European to me. So I made a quick trip to Spotify. downloaded the album onto the iPhone and gave it a listen on a run to do some errands yesterday morning! From the opening songs “Harp’ Rockin'” and “Blow Junkie Boogie” this album;s good time feel had me;

A trip to Tomislav’ Goluban’s  website revealed that he is a native of Croatia and.In 2009 he became the  first Croatian representative in International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Blow Junkie is Tomislav’s sixth album. Here are some of the highlights of his career

In the period from 2005 to 2014 Tomislav has:
-published six studio albums and two maxi singles
-won 4 Croatian top dicography awards “Porin” (the equivalent of a Grammy in Croatia)
-won 3 “Croatian Musicians Union” awards “Status”
-performed in 10 countries in two continents (Europe and the USA)
-won the 4th place at Worlds Harmonica Championship in Germany 2005
-became the sole Croatian indorser of the world’s finest and most famous harmonica manufacturer “Hohner”
-received the Letter of thanks from the City of Zabok
-been awarded with Krapina-Zagorje county Medallion for extraordinary achievements
-received the Fender Mega Muzika award for the exceptional contribution to harmonica played music 2009
-received the Fender Mega Muzika award for Best Musical Cooperation with Zdenka Kovacicek 2012
-been one of the founders and the first president of the “Croatian Blues Forces” association
-developed an educational music program called “The harmonica in Blues” which is presented to the pupils of elementary and high schools all over Croatia by himself

Not bad over a nine-year period is it. While Tomislav Goluban is a Croatian blues harp player his harp heroes are old school masters like Sonny Terry, Slim Harpo, Paul Butterfield, Gary Primich, Kim Wilson or Joe Filisko and with Blow Junkie I think he has done them well. His music, while rooted in the blues, also has  touches of  delta, country & Chicago blues, zydeco, rock’n’roll and world music.

According to his website with …..

“Blow Junkie” (2014), Tomislav is back to his roots. Good old blues-rock, stripped to four instruments (harmonica, guitar, bass and drums) just to make the point that even this raw and simple sound could be easily enjoyed. On the album, harp plays the leading role and the old blues mantra “less is more” is well established here. For the first time, Goluban here appears as an author of songs in English. A link, but also a constant value in his career is his harp, which becomes more and more powerful, clear, grown and definitely original.

Bottom Line: Blow Junkie is a terrific blues album from a great young blues artist from Croatia Tomislav Goluban, crisp blues harp with nice vocals and a good supporting cast! So Check It Out! As for me, I have five other Tomislav Goluban albums to check out!

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Here’s the Official Video for the song “Forhill’s Boogie” …..the Forhill’s Boogie…. the Forhill’s Boogie – tonight!! Go Tomislav Goluban…..