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Reading Challenge Update and Reads May 2015

May Reading Challenge Update

April 2015 was a great reading month for me as I finished seven books!! Woo! Hoo! May has not gotten off to a bad start either I have already finished two books. What Then Must We Do? by Gar Alperovitz and Dance of Death from the dynamic duo of Preston & Child

What Then Must We Do? is treatise on what we need to do in the future to try to fix our broken economic system. It delves into what we can do to democratize the ownership of wealth in our nation to strengthen our communities and our nation!! It is book 4 on a goal of 11 in my nonfiction reading challenge and book number 20 for 2015! Review

Dance of Death from the writing team of Preston & Child is the sixth book in the Pendergrast series and the second to feature Pendergrast’s evil brother Diogenes. After finishing the book I shook my head and thought why has it been on m TBR pile for so long!! The book s number 12 on a goal of 23 in my 2015 Clock & Dagger Reading Challenge and number 8 of 25 in my TBR Pile Challenge!! Review

Proposed May Reading Challenge Books

So that’s where I am currently. The following are the books that I plan to read in May of 2015. The operative word is plan. Four out of the five books are in excess of 400 pages, so I can see the possibility of a couple slipping into my June reads!! Which is what happened already to Larry Niven and Gregory Benford‘s Bowl of Heaven. It’s not that I don’t like it, but the action moves along fairly slowly and other books like Endangered from C.J. Box and Dance of Death hooked me and I couldn’t put them down!! So along with Bowl of Heaven I plan to read….


Book 5 of the Pendergrast Series and Book 1 of Diogenes

2015 Cloak & Dagger and TBR Pile Challenges

I should have read this one before Dance of Death – My bad!!

2015 Nonfiction Reading Challenge Book How to Read the Solar System

How to Read the Solar System

Chris North and Paul Abel

Hosts of the Sky at Night

“This fascinating read supported by the latest research will engage and enchant. Recommended for anyone with an interest in astronomy and fans of the show Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson.” (Library Journal)

2015 Nonfiction Reading Challenge

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge -The Smoke at Dawn

The Smoke at Dawn

Jeff Shaara

2015 Historical Fiction Challenge

“Civil War history fiends will be riveted.”—Parade

Let’s Hope!

Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge - The Devils Punchbowl

The Devil’s Punchbowl

Greg Isles

2015 Cloak & Dagger and TBR :Pile Challenges

“A knockout thriller that’s just the right degree of chilly to combat the dog days of summer… Iles’ knack for perfectly integrating character and plot could serve as a master’s class for other authors.” — The Dallas Morning News

I read and loved the first two Penn Cage Novels and with two more beyond this one, I think it’s time to catch up on the series.

Now those are the five planned reads, but that can always change when my ADD brain starts to wander. In fact it may already change because the new David Morrell book Inspector of the Dead, which I requested from my library,just came in! Oh My!!


Reading Challenge From TBR Pile Buy/Library Total Goal %complete
2015 Nonfiction Reading Challenge 0 4 4 11 36%
2015 Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge 5 7 12 23 52%
2015 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 1 1 2 5 40%
2015 Science Fiction/Fantasy Challenge 2 1 3 12 25%
Totals 8 13 21 51 41%
2015 TBR Pile Challlenge 8 25 32%
Currently Reading Challenge From Page Total %complete
Bowl of Heaven – Benford and Niven Science Fiction Library 182 412 44%
Brimstone _Preston & Child Cloak & Dagger TBR Pile 96 497 19%
How to Read the Solar System-Nortth&Abel Nonfiction Library 86 304 28%
The Smoke at Dawn – Jeff Shaara Historical Fiction Library 5 495 1%
The Devil’s Punchbowl- Greg Iles Cloak & Dagger TBR Pile 38 577 7%