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Anekdoten Provides the Music for My First Four Mile Run of the Year!!

Anekdoten’s Album Until All The Ghosts are Gone is the soundtrack for a good run!


This afternoon I ran for the third time this week! Yeah me! This is the first time that I have done that in a long, long time! In doing such. I achieved one of my April goals which was to run three times per week, duh! Now I have to match that feat for the rest of the month and beyond!

My first two runs of the week were both 3.1 miles and I felt good at the end of both runs, so I thought it was time to make the weekend run a little longer. I plotted out a four mile course that stayed away from any hills and was different from the courses that I typically have run over the years, I didn’t want to get disappointed, when my time was way slower than it used to be over those familiar courses!!

Today’s four mile run brought the week’s total to 10 miles. My running through the years usually has been two four mile runs during the week and then a weekend run between 6 to 10 miles, making the total weekly mileage 14 to 18 miles. I would like to slowly work my way back up to that weekly mileage. Maybe next week could be a 3 mile, a 4 mile and a 5 on the weekend for a total of 12 miles. Yes that’s the plan!

Here are my mile splits for today:

mile 1 – 10:32 – mile 2 10:35 – mile 3 10:30 – mile 4 11:14 and the last 0.14 – 11:36

Overall pace – 10:45 per mile  Total run time 44:31

The pace over the first three miles was 10:33 per mile which is the best of the year over 3 miles! Then I struggled over the last 1.14 miles, which is to be expected because I have not run that far yet this year!! But overall I am pleased with the run and I am not wiped out yet!

The soundtrack for the run was the latest album from a heavy prog band from Sweden Anekdoten Until All the Ghosts are Gone. Now while the music was really good and I did find myself moving well at times with the beat of the music, to give the band their due, I  think that I should listen to the album a few more times, when I am not trying hard to suck more air into my lungs!!! Or maybe my son Andrew can tells us more about the band (hint, hint) From the band’s biography at ProgArchives….

In the early 90s a wave of King Crimson inspired new progrock bands emerged in Scandinavia. One of the first was four piece formation Anekdoten from Sweden and they are still alive and progging, unlike their promising contemporaries Anglagard and Landberk.

Anekdoten their roots are in 1990 when Nicklas Berg (guitar and Mellotron) and Jan Erik Liljestrom (bass and vocals) decide to found a band to make progressive rock music. They name the band King Edward and the musicians start to rehearse, soon accompanied by percussionist Peter Nordin. Their repertoire consists of songs from King Crimson. In 1990 Anna Sofi Dahlberg joins King Edward, this inspires them to intensify their rehearsals, to write own compositions, to rename the band into Anekdoten Read More

The album has a 4.05 rating out of 5 at ProgArchives, which makes it an excellent addition to any prog rock music collection!! So check them out!

Here is “Get Out Alive”  the first single from Anekdoten’s album Until All The Ghosts Are Gone.