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Sonic Travelogue – Progression By Failure

France’s Progression by Failure provides the Sonic Travelogue for a steady run!!


So yesterday i almost put off my run until today because it was supposed to be a whole lot warmer. The forecast said that today’s high was going to be 77! So far it is nowhere near that temperature. One reason not to put off the run today was that I have to work at Target 5:30 to 11:15 pm and I had half-day’s work for Lippincott, that was made a longer by the wet soil in the woods that tried to swallow the backhoe. The bottom line is that I didn’t put of the run yesterday and I’m glad I didn’t!

The run was over the same  3.1 mile course that I’ve run the last two times out.Yesterday though the wind was really light and it didn’t really bother me. My overall pace 10:54 per mile, was a little slower than earlier in the week.(10:40),but the splits were interesting!!

Mile 1 – 10:57 (seemed faster than that)
Mile 2 – 10:49
Mile 3 – 10:48
Mile 0.12 – 11:41 – (slowing to see when to stop the clock)

The good thing is that the last two miles were faster, not by much, than the first mile!! That’s a big improvement over the early runs where I was struggling on the last mile or two!!

The soundtrack of the run was provided by the French symphonic progressive rock band Progression by Failure and their latest album Sonic Travelogue. I first became aware of their music  back in 2013 when I listened to the band’s self-titled debut album that was released in 2009. At that time the band was a one man show! From the ProgArchives…


progression by failure

Progression By Failure is a project by a young French compositor named Nicolas PIVETEAU. He was born in 1981 and starts to play keyboards at 10 years old. He also plays guitar and drums.

This project is a vision of the progressive music, a large panorama between power & emotions. The songs are made of beautiful melodies, power riffs & light atmospheres, without what the author considers cliches of standard progressive music. Read More

On Sonic Travelogue Nicolas has expanded the band to  include: Drayen Labie on guitars and Mike Saccoman on drums. The music is instrumental and always interesting, I found myself yesterday running to some very interesting rhythms!! While there are only a few ratings so far for the album at ProgArchives the ratings are very high!! Here’s what  tszirmay  a special collaborator with the Crossover Team at ProgArchives has to say about the album…….

 Progression by Failure has graduated to the sophomore level, proving that the 2009 self-titled debut was no flash in the pan, and creating another magnificent opus that is as accomplished if not more so than its illustrious predecessor. Main man, composer and keyboardist Nicolas Piveteau has attempted crowd funding with minimal results, proving once again the frailties of the much vaunted social media marketing dictatorship, and nevertheless released this brilliant work that just screams out for more attention. There are some immediate upgrades from the first album, as Sonic Travelogue has 2 regular sidemen of very high quality and yet hitherto unknown to me : a bold and vibrant drummer in Mike Saccoman and an opulent guitarist by the name of Drayen Labie, both of whom add some serious dynamics to Piveteau’s complex instrumental pieces, that encompass a wide spectrum from aggressive sympho prog to medieval baroque tendencies, constantly sailing towards uncharted territories that keep a tight focus on masterful melodies on each and every piece. Full Review

Links to Check Out Progression By Failure…...


Here’s “Once Upon a Time” from Sonic Travelogue by Progression by Failure….