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Running with Waiting for the Noise – Sylvium

Sylvium’s Ambient PostProg from the Netherlands Provides the Soundtrack for a Good Run – Waiting for the Noise!


Yesterday was the first really, really nice spring day we’ve had in the Delaware Valley with temperatures climbing into the high 60s, it was a great day for a run. Even though the weather was great, I tried to talk myself out of the run! “You’re tired. Today was the first day you worked at Target in the morning in a long time” I told myself. “Maybe you should just do it tomorrow.”, “you have to go get your holds at the library today” were other attempts to sidetrack the run!! But I did not give in, when I got home I was determined to run, so I thought how about if I plot out a new course! I’ve been running the same course since I started back at the beginning of this month, it’s time for a change!! I plotted out a new course and made it 3.1 miles. I’ve been running 2.8 miles so I should easily be able to get the extra distance!! Now for the music!! I decided some progressive rock would be just the thing and Sylvium a heavy prog band from The Netherlands was my choice! I have been listening to and enjoying their latest album Waiting for the Noise and the fact that it has lots of long instrumental breaks makes it perfect.

The only bad thing about the day was that it was a little windy, enough so that you felt it both into and away from it! Luckily for me, the course I laid out had me running into the wind for the first half of the run, and the wind was at my back through much of the second half of the run, when I really needed help!!

The pace per mile breaks down like this: mile 1 – 10:21, 2 -10:40 and 3 -10:52 which is a 10:38 per/mile over 3 miles!! A nice improvement over last time (11:00) and certainly from the beginning of the month!! I must say that throughout the run I felt more like a runner than a plodder but still not as good as I usually do when I’m running well!! But it appears like I’ going in the right direction!!


The soundtrack for the run was Waiting for the Noise from Sylvium a heavy prog band from The Netherlands. From ProgArchives…..

SYLVIUM is a Dutch progressive rock band which was started by guitarist/composer Ben van GASTEL, and whose roots can be traced back to the year 2000, when he wrote the basis for an EP entitled Teardrop From A Leaf made up of instrumental music with alternating rock, jazz and ambient passages. However, Ben decided that he needed to develop himself as a musician and refine the music further, so the band SYLVIUM itself wasn’t formed until ten years later in 2010, when Ben teamed up with bass, keyboard and drum player Fred BOKS. His passion is to create music of uncompromising character, but which is still accessible to a broader audience. On every SYLVIUM album Ben van GASTEL intends to work with different musicians, and to explore a variety of music genres. Read Mor




Here is the musician line-up for Waiting for the Noise

Ben van Gastel / Guitars
Gijs Koopman / Bass-guitars, Bass pedals
Richard de Geest / Vocals, Guitar
Antal Nusselder / Synths and Samples
Fred den Hartog / Drums

I really have enjoyed this album more and more on each listen. One of these times, I really need to take some time and listen to the lyrics of the seven songs that tell the story  of a dying man and his judgment afterwards. So Check it Out!

Links to Further Explorations of the Music of Sylvium

Sylvium Website 

Here’s the official video for “Signal to Noise” from Waiting for the Noise

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  1. Antal Nusselder

    Hey there,

    I ran into your post on the world wide web.
    Nice read and nice to hear our music is used for such healthy purposes 😉 Glad you enjoy it!

    Cheers from the Netherlands,
    Antal (keys for Sylvium)

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