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Reiki Hands of Love from Deuter

Deuter’s Reiki Hands of Love – soundtrack for my morning yoga…

This morning I decided to go to Zone Music Reporter to find some music to listen to while I was doing my morning yoga routine.The first album that caught my attention was Reiki Hands of Love from Deuter. It sounded like the perfect album to go with yoga and it was.!But who is this Deuter? Wikipedia tells us that…

Deuter (born Georg Deuter in 1945) is a German new age instrumentalist and recording artist known for his meditative style that blends Eastern and Western musical styles. Read More

Since the early 70s, Deuter has released over 60 albums.most of them intended to accompany various healing and spiritual practices such as Reiki, massage and meditation  Deuter is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. He taught himself the guitar, flute, harmonica and “just about every instrument I could get my hands on,” at an early age. Through the years Deuter has continued to learn to play and master a wide variety of instruments, including the drums, the shakuhachi flute, the koto,sitar, Tibetan singing bowls, santoor, bouzouki,piano and keyboard.

Reiki Hands of Love is a great album for both meditation and just relaxing, It’s oh so quiet and serene…. From Deuter;s website..

 As human beings, we have endless possibilities to share. One of those possibilities is the healing and caring that can be expressed through our hands. The magic of love, the power of love, and the healing energy of love expressed in a touch. The loving touch of the human hand gives us the feeling of being cared for, the awareness of being appreciated, and the feeling of being secure and loved.

Reiki Hands of Love is designed to gently help this process by being a friendly energy in the background. It is a harmonious flow of sounds and melodies, compassionately supporting the act of calming and healing Read More

Since 1995 Deuter has released his recordings on New Earth Records. From the New Earth Records Website., New Earth Records is..

…an independent record label that, for more than two decades, has been bringing visionary music to enhance well-being to audiences worldwide. Committed to spiritual enrichment, a healthy lifestyle, and an eco-conscious future, New Earth Records features a number of albums designed specifically to accompany relaxation, meditation, yoga, and the healing arts. New Earth Records is pleased to offer a wide array of chill-out, trance, electronic and world music to accompany our listeners in the dance through life. Read More

I do believe I have to go to their website and check out the other artists who record on New Earth Records. But in the meantime I have a lot of Deuter’s music to explore!!

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Heres’s a sampler from Deuter’s Reiki Hands of Love….