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Psychedelic/Space Rock From Eloy Powers My Run!

Psychedelic/Space Rock from Germany’s Eloy Powers My Run!

So you know that you are listening to a progressive rock album, when you run for 30 plus minutes and when you are finished you are only on the sixth song on the album! Such was the case today, when music from  the band Eloy became the soundtrack for my run. I had spent much of this morning exploring several prog bands.The bands that I explored included Sylvium from the Netherlands, and The Myrrors from Texas. I liked both of the bands. When I went to ProgArchives and read about The Myrrors, I discovered that they were classified as a Psychedelic/Space Rock band This is not the first time that I have liked a band within that subgenre., so I went to ProgArchives again, and this time I read about the Psychedelic/Space Rock  sub-genre which has among its roots the music of Jimi Hendrix, and the Jefferson Airplane, particularly the live performances of these groups. Hum, guess that’s why I like this subgenre! Anyway, I thought I’d checked out a Ocean = Psychedelic/Space Rock from Eloyband or two. When I looked at the top albums of th Psychedelic/Space Rock sub-genre, the first four albums are from Pink Floyd, the fifth album is Ocean from Eloy. The album was released in 1977! From their biography at ProgArchives….

Taking their name from the “Eloi”, the futuristic race of people in H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, ELOY was initially formed in 1969 in Germany. Inspired by THE SHADOWS and THE BEATLES, they became one of the major bands in the progressive rock scene highly influenced by the space rock of PINK FLOYD. They started off in Germany as a hard rock band with a political bent, but soon drifted into a spacier progressive rock sound. They have had a number of turnovers, with a major split in the 1980s that resulted in a move into more of a mainstream direction. Based mainly on founder Frank BORNEMANN‘s guitar solos, their music evolved to include more synthesizers and choirs…..Read More

I then went over to Spotify and listened to a little of Ocean, which I enjoyed. I then switched to the band’s latest release Reincarnation on Stage, released in 2014 which I really, really liked!! So when I decided to run today (yeah -I didn’t put it off!) the album became the soundtrack for the run.It was an excellent soundtrack with some good vocals and some great extended music jams, where I could just zone out a little with the music!!. Anyway I will try to write more about the band, and the album tomorrow, but for now let’s get back to my run!!

The run was pretty good. I am still building my base mileage ever so slowly and today’s run while completed in about the same time and distance as last week’s run was an easier run! I covered 2.75 miles in 30 minutes for an average pace of 11:03 minutes per mile. Like I said not a great time but that’s not the important thing now,The important thing is just to run and build up the miles!!

The most interesting part of the run was when I turned the corner and started down Henry St, I saw Mike Holak getting something out of the back of his son’s SUV. Now that typically, wouldn’t be anything special except that in a dream last night I encountered just about the same thing. I saw a man from the back that I thought was Mike, but when I got close and he turned around it was not Mike!! Ok so it’s no big thing, but  usually don’t remember my dreams and most times people who I know aren’t in my dreams. So to not only remember that piece of my dream and then have almost the same thing happen on my run – only this time it was Mike – was a little spooky!!

Anyway, it was a good run and I’m not totally wiped out, I’m writing this aren’t I.  I will write more about my prog explorations tomorrow!!