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Run 3 Rocketing with Rocket Scientists – not!


Run 3 for March a little farther and a little faster – oh boy!


Yesterday, I was able to put off running by telling myself while it wasn’t cold, the temperature was going to hit 61 today so that would be a better day to run ! Today thoughts of putting off the run were still inviting! I told myself, you’re tired from working this morning at Target for the first time in a long time, and you don’t have to babysit Zoe until 3:30 tomorrow, so you could run early in the day! But after a couple of little cat naps between 3:30 and 4:30 I was able to get my body moving and get out the door for run 3 of March!

Today, I decided to actually do the warm up 5 minute walk, supposedly this will get my heart rate up and make the early part of my run easier. I guess it works, but for me the first half-mile is always the worst!! Today during the first mile, I settled into a pace that was slightly under 11 minutes per mile. I completed the first mile  in 10:48. I was able to maintain that pace throughout most of the second mile and completed the second mile in 11 minutes. Overall I the run was 2.73 miles in 30 minutes at a pace slightly over 11 minutes per mile. This is down from 11:32 per mile on run #1 a week ago! The good thing about the run was that I stayed within the parameters of what I should do. I didn’t try to go out and run 4 miles on only Run 3 and I tried to keep the run slow and steady, (I actually didn’t have to try hard to do that!)

Okay,  I just checked the schedule of road races  in South Jersey for races near the end of  May.the Run to Stop Childhood Pain 5K is scheduled for May 30th in Pennsuaken! That means that the race will be run at Cooper River and the course will be a loop around the Cooper River. I like this course, this then will be the run I will target as my first race of 2015!!

The soundtrack for the run 3 was Refuel, the latest release from.Rocket Scientists a symphonic progressive rock band from the United States. When I first listened to Rocket Scientists I liked their music, I thought they were a prog band that my son told me I should listen to, One day I mentioned the band, to Andrew asking if that was the band he had mentioned – it wasn’t – the band he told me about was Thank You Scientists. He also mentioned that he was not a fan of Erik Norlander, which was why he didn’t care for Rocket Scientists. Erick Norlander is a keyboardist who along with guitarist Mark McCrite formed Rocket Scientists in the 1990s!. Anyway I have enjoyed the Rocket Scientists albums that  I have listened to  including the latest Refuel. I have even listened to a some of Erik Norlander’s solo work. I will try to write about Refuel tomorrow!