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More Treasures from The Princeton Record Exchange!

A Trip to the Princeton Record Exchange Yields Seven New Treasures!


So on Wednesday night, my son Nicholas and I went bargain-hunting at the Princeton Record Exchange, armed with our Christmas Gift Cards. I had a $25.00 gift card from my birthday back in October,plus my $25.00 Christmas gift card. I came home with 13 CDs and my $25.00 Christmas gift card! Six of the thirteen albums were from the Cheap Jazz album shelves and you can read about them here. Of the remaining seven, four are Alt-Country/Folk albums, two blues albums and one New Age album. Here they are:


Wetlands - Tab Benoit

Wetlands – Tab Benoit

The Sea Saint Sessions - Tab Benoit

The Sea Saint Sessions – Tab Benoit

These two albums are Tab Benoit’s 7th and 9th release. I have several of Tab’s albums in my music library and these two are welcome additions. You can view some of my other posts about Tab here

Like Tab Benoit, several of Mary Gauthier’s album are in my music library. I just did a quick search of my posts for Mary’s music and I don’t see any posts. That will need to be fixed!!

  • John Zipperer

    Full Ciircle-John Zipperer

    John Zipperer is a new musician to me. I saw this album high on several of the charts that I follow last year, but I never really got around to listening to it. Now is the time!!

    More New Everything

    More Everything = Brooks Williams

    Brooks Williams joins the above two as a musician has several albums in my music library. Brooks is one of my favorite acoustic guitarist and he has a great voice too!

  • ronnie-fauss-built-to-break-review-header-graphic

    Built to Break Ronnie Fauss

    I have listened to Ronnie Fauss though and enjoyed his music. His last album I Am the Man You Know I’m Not was the soundtrack of a run back in 2013. You can read about it here. Maybe this one can be the soundtrack for a run – as soon as it gets warmer!

    Two World Concerto

    Two World Concerto – R. Carlos Nakia amd the Black Lodge Singers

    One of the musicians that I always turn to when my day sucks and I need to relax and unwind, is R, Carlos Nakai,. His Native American flute always does the trick. Whether it is with Peter Kater, or Will Clipman, or in this case the BLack Lodge Singers his music always brightens my day!!

I bought all the above on Wednesday and I still have my $25.00 gift card from Christmas left for another trip to the Princeton Record Exchange!!