FreeWheelin' Music Safari

A CD Safari at the Princeton Record Exchange!

So today my son Nicholas and I went up to the Princeton Record Exchange to spend some of our Christmas Gift Card money! I actually have one gift card from my birthday in October and one from Christmas. Anyway, I came home with 13 albums. Of which: six are jazz, 4 Americana/Folk, 2 Blues and 1 New Age. Here are the jazz albums. I will post about the othrs tomorrow. Thirteen albums for under $30.00 not bad, eh??


with the Tenors of Our Time  With the Tenors of Our TimeRoy Hargrove Quintet
On this album trumpeter Roy Hargrove plays with tenor saxophonists Stanley Turrentine, Johnny Griffith, Bradford Marsalis, Joe Henderson , and Joshua Redman!! Among his regular band members are: Cyrus Chesnut on piano, Rodney Whitaker on bass, and Greg Hutchinson on drums. I can’t wait!!
Jacky Terrasson Jacky Terrasson – Jacky Terrasson
All Music Rates this album 4 stars. Terrsson’s dbut album on Blue Note. Every time I’ve heard Terrasson I hav been impressed so I am looking forward to this one!
All th Way Live All The Way Live – Jimmy Smith and Eddie Harris
 This is the only time that Eddie Harris and Jimmy Smith played together, either live or in the studio. Sounds like a winner to me!!
 Reaching Up Reaching UpErnie Watts
 I bought this because Ernie Watts played with John Mayall in the 70s and that was all I knew about Ernie until recently when I re-discovered his music. On this album he is playing with Mulgrew Miller on piano, John DeJohnette on drums and Arturo Sandoval on trumpet on two tracks. Sounds like a winning group to me!
 BLues for the New Millenium Blues for the New Millennium-Marcus Roberts
 AllMusic Rates this album 4 stars – when I looked at the musicians on this album, I saw that Jason Marsalis played drums on the album. I know him now as a vibraphonist!
 Kindred Kindred-Stefon Harris – Jacky Terrasson
I have listened to this album in the past and have enjoyed it. I love Stefon Harris and from what I’ve heard Jacky Terrason is pretty great, too.


While I have never really exchanged anything at the Princeton Record Exchange, I think it may be time to weed out my CD collection and maybe get some money…. to go spend at Labyrinth Books which is just up the alley from the Princeton Record Exchange! Sounds like a plan to me!!