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Brian Lynch and Emmet Cohen – Question Answered.

One of my favorite albums over the last month or two is  the latest release from Grammy-winning trumpeter, Brian Lynch, Questioned Answered. Actually, I should say the latest from Brian Lynch and up and coming jazz pianist Emmet Cohen.  While I love Lynch’s trumpet on this album, its Cohen’s piano, that at least for me, makes this album special. Here’s what Brian Lynch says about his meeting and connection with Emmet Cohen…..

I first had the pleasure of making Emmet Cohen’s acquaintance in January 2011 on that year’s Jazz Cruise, where I was playing as a soloist and he was showcased with his trio from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, where he was then a student. I was really impressed with his playing, and I dug the young man’s personality, enthusiasm and knowledge of the jazz tradition. Fast forward a few months, and I found myself in Miami as the new Professor of Jazz Trumpet at Frost (through a series of events precipitated on that cruise, a story for another time), and in proximity to Emmet on a daily basis as he finished his last year of undergraduate work. We were able to take advantage of the educational environment to schedule weekly playing sessions (“lessons”) where we could explore a lot of music in a duo format; at the same time I was more fully exposed to the breadth of his talent as a player and composer through frequent sessions and performance situations. He checked out my music and picked up a few tips from me at the same time. Read More

Question Answered  has ten tracks. Three were written by Emmet Cohn, “Dark Passenger”, “Distant Hollow” and “Petty Theft” and three by Brian Lynch “Cambois”, “Buddy” and the title track “Question Answered”. Both “Cambios” the opening track and “Dark Passenger” are favorites of mine!  Brian Lynch says this about the tracks “Buddy” and “Question Answered”…

Buddy is named for one of my mentors, pianist and vibist Buddy Montgomery (Wes’s brother). It’s a little reminiscent of his sophisticated Latin/funk tunes. The way the minor chords work through the outside sections can be interesting to the improvisor; you can either run the unorthodox movements or play soulfully (maybe even both?). You can get a groove happening on this one.

Questioned Answer (excuses to Charles Ives) mines related ground to Buddy harmonically, with the planar movement of minor 7th chords in both directions circle wise. But there’s a rising motion in this one too. The release gets some tension happening between the cross rhythm and the snaky octatonic melodic variations. Read More

Buddy Montgomery cool! Completing the album’s quartet Joining are  legendary drummer Billy Hart and master bassist Boris Kozlov, who provide a great base upon which Lynch and Cohen can build and soar!  So if you enjoy great trumpet and piano, check this one out! And while you’re at it check out Brian Lynch’s Unsung Heroes Vol. 2 and Vol. 1!! Links for Brian Lynch and Emmet Cohen Website:Brian Lynch Facebook:Brian Lynch Twitter:Brian Lynch YouTube:Brian Lynch Website:Emmet Cohen Facebook: Emmet Cohen Twitter:Emmet Cohen Here is the aforementioned “Buddy” from Question Answered