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Exploring the Jazz Trumpet of Seattle’s Thomas Marriott – Urban Folklore

Urban FolkloreThe other day I posted about the new album Motif   from the Greg Abate Quartet, which is among the most added albums on the JazzWeek chart. Another album among those albums, actually with one more add then Greg is the new release from Thomas Marriott Urban Folklore. The Seattle-based trumpeter is not a stranger to the national radio airplay charts, as three of his eight albums as a leader have made it into the top-ten. His 2009 release East-West Trumpet  made it all the way to number one! His albums have been featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition” and his 2010 release Constraints and Liberations received  4 ½ stars in Downbeat Magazine. Yet I still have never heard his name….(note to self listen to more Jazz Radio, duh!) but now that I have heard both his name and his latest album, I won’t be forgetting either anytime soon!!

Urban Folklore is just a flat-out great album at least to my untrained ears! I may not know that much about the technical aspects of trumpet playing or of jazz for that matter, but I know what I like and Thomas Marriott’s playing and this album among them!!   Marriott wasn’t playing solo trumpet on this album, though and the rest of the musicians playing on the album certainly more than held their own!! The other three members of the band that produced this album were pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Donald Edwards. Like always Orrin Evans is impeccable on piano, I’ve heard him playing on several albums now, including his own album Liberation Blues album, which is No 5 on the JazzWeek Chart this week, and I enjoy his piano every time. As for Revis and Edwards, I have heard them both play on Orrin Evans’ albums and they bring it every time, too!

Bottom Line a fine album that will make a nice addition to the stable of jazz trumpeters in my collection, Marriott can hold his own with the best of them! I look forward to exploring his other albums!! Grade: A!

I will be watching over the next few weeks,  to see how far both Greg Abate and Thomas’ albums climb on the charts!!


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