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John Gorka, and thoughts about the first song I ever heard from an artist…..

Sometime in the early 90s I picked up the CD Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music.  Through that album, I was introduced to two WH_Legacyfolksingers who became favorites from that album on, John Gorka and Bill Morrissey. I was thinking about the album and John Gorka,  because I was listening for the first time to Stu Larson and his album Vagabond, about which you will be reading soon. Anyway, my thoughts revolved around the first songs I ever heard by artists.

I know that the first Elton John song I heard was “Your Song” because I can still hear the DJ on WMMR saying now here is a song from this new artist from England Elton John! The Beatles was of course “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “Light My Fire” The Doors. If I rack my brain I can probably come up with a lot more, but back to Morrissey and Gorka.  The Bill Morrissey song on Legacy was “Handsome Molly” and it’s still a favorite. The John Gorka song on the album was”I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair” it too,  became a favorite, as have many of his other songs!

So let’s go “into the morning” with John Gorka and “I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair”……and think about discovering new artists and hearing that first song that you know is the start of a beautiful musical friendship…..