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My Summer Folk/Americana Playlist – Check it Out!

So on the left sidebar there is a playlist of some of my favorite songs from a variety of albums, most of which were released in July August and September of 2014. There are a couple that I’ve added from earlier months basically albums that I didn’t get around to writing about but  still really enjoyed! So here’s the list of the albums that the songs were taken from to make the playlist!








1. Milltowns Mark Erelli – September 2014

I have only listened to this album of covers of Bill Morrissey songs once, and I had problems with it, mainly because Bill’s voice was so distinctive I have trouble hearing anyone else sing his songs

2. Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet) – September

I have never been a big Wainwright fan but just because I never really listened to his albums, but that is slowly changing!

3. Too Blessed To Be Stressed Paul Thorn – August

I don’t know why I haven’t written about this great album yet!

If Sorrow Swims






4. If Sorrow SwimsGreensky Bluegrass – September

This one I have written about read  about the album here

5. Chasing Beauty Ellis Paul– July

I have listened to the first part of this album several times, but still haven’t made it all the way through. What I have heard I like!

6. Terms of My SurrenderJohn Hiatt – September

Was the soundtrack of a run the other day, I like it but need to listen again!

7. The Independent Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

Something else always gets written about instead of this album and that has to stop. I need to make time to write about this album! I really like a number of the songs on the album

8. Headwaters  Jason Tyler Burton – July

Same thing with this album! When I was looking down the tracks on the album to decide what to include I kept saying I like this one and this one……. it is really a terrific album so check it out!!

Cold Spell






9.  Cold Spell – Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen  August

Read about it here

10. Parish Lines – Rod Melancon – Spring 2014

Another great album lost in the shuffle!!

So check them out and I’ll try to get on the stick and write some posts!!!!