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“Into the Morning” with music from Hungary’s Söndörgö – “Jozo” from the album Tamburocket Hungarian Fireworks!

How about we go “into the morning” with the opening track “Jozo” from the album Tamburocket TamburocketHungarian Fireworks by the Hungarian band  Söndörgö From their website:

Söndörgő is one of the most active and interesting world music groups in Hungary. They play a style of music that is hugely attractive, but little known and quite different to the traditional, fiddle-led hungarian repertoire. Their aim is to foster and preserve Southern Slavic traditions of the Serbs and Croats as found in various settlements in Hungary. Most of these communities are situated along the Danube, but quite isolated from each other.
The group was founded in 1995 in Szentendre a small Hungarian town near Budapest, with long-established Serbian tradition. The Eredics brothers got acquainted, and started to play music together with (bass player) Attila Buzás during their high-school years. Partly because of family reasons (Kálmán Eredics, the father of the Eredics brothers, was a founder member of the Vujicsics ensemble), all the group members are profoundly touched by, and drawn towards Southern Slav folk music. Söndörgő’s mission is to research it, arrange it and perform it on stage. The current members of the group are: Áron Eredics, Benjamin Eredics, Dávid Eredics, Salamon Eredics and Attila Buzás. Continue Reading

SondorgoSome press….

“Söndörgö are proving themselves to be one of Europe’s most versatile and exciting bands.”
Simon Broughton,
Songlines Magazine

“Their music sparkles with virtuosity and foot-tapping joie de vivre” London Evening Standard

I only listen to a little of the album the other day, but what I heard I liked, if anyone wants to write more about the band let me know! Here’s a performance of “Jozo” get your toe tapping feets ready!!!