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Woodstock Ends (August 18, 1969) – with thoughts about Sunday’s performers Ten Years After!!

Ten Years AfterSo on today’s date August 18th – 45 years ago the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival came to an end with a performance by Jimi Hendrix at 9 am, what a way to wake up! Among the performers on Sunday the 16th was one of my favorite bands Ten Years After. By the time Woodstock rolled around Ten Years After had already released three studio albums and one live album. The studio albums were; their self-titled debut album in 1967, Stonedhenge (1969), Sssh (1969) and the live album was Undead released in 1968. I was a big fan of the band and while I loved Alvin Lee’s guitar and vocals, what always made the band special for me was the jazz blues feel that the band had on their early albums, particularly the live album Undead.

So tonight while I was running an errand, actually, going to Trader Joe’s to get some food, I was able to listen to a little of the album. Initially, I was going to start the album and then fast forward to my two favorite tracks Woody Herman’s “(At the) Woodchopper’s Ball” and the closing track “I’m Going Home”. So I started home and the album started with “Rock You Mama” followed by a cover of “Spoonful”. I was going to switch then but “I May Be Wrong, But I won’t be Wrong Always” started and the solos by Chick Churchill on organ and Leo Lyons on bass are just so good that I couldn’t switch!

Then “Summertime/Shantung Cabbage” started and Ric Lee on drums took the center spotlight, so I left Alvin Leethat track on too! I did skip over “Spider in My Web” to get to “Woodchopper’s Ball” where Alvin Lee’s solos are a highlight!! I did have enough time to make it all the way through that track before I got home….. actually I’m listening to Alvin now!! Amazing! I’ve added these three tracks to the Spotify playlist on the
sidebar! Check them out!!

Alvin Lee passed away in March of 2013, but Ten Years After is still carrying on well at least two of the original member and two new members are. The original members still active are Chick Churchill (organ) and Ric Lee (drums) the new members of the band are Marcus Bonfanti on guitar and vocals and Colin Hodgkinson on bass.

So let’s go “into the morning” remembering Woodstock and Alvin Lee and how he mesmerized us well at least me – 45 years ago!!