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Exploring the Soundscapes of Peter Calandra’s – Inner Circle…..

While you may not recognize his name, if you watch any television you may have heard the musical compositions of composer, Peter Clandraarranger and pianist Peter Calandra. Calandra’s music can be found in television shows on over 68 major television networks, including  the themes for shows on Comcast Sports, FOX Sports, ABC, Bravo, MSG Network and many others. In addition he has music playing and published in 60 countries worldwide!!

If you like Broadway shows, you may have heard Peter’s music at the NYC production of Little Shop of Horrors, where he served as pianist, Conductor and Musical Director! No, well how about Miss Saigon where Peter was the no 1 keyboard player for years. or maybe the productions of Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and currently part time for The Lion King. 

If you not of the above maybe you know Peter’s music from one of the films that he composed the score for like 13th Child, Unknown Soldier, Jellysmoke, Unmatched or Rise. Then there are the variety of performers and bands that he has played with throughout his career including: the NY Pops Orchestra, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Don Cherry, Aretha Franklin, Allen Ginsberg, Lillianne Montevecchi, and many others!

Finally, if you are like me you may have stumbled upon Peter’s music on the Zone Music Report’s Top 100 Air Play ChartInner Circle where in July of this year his latest release Inner Circle sits at # 6 down two spots from #4 on the June Chart. Here’s what Peter says about this album on his website….

Inner Circle is a soundscape of heartfelt original compositions composed in the bucolic Catskills Mountains of New York.

Inspired by memories of people and places that have influenced me over the years.

I hope this music, beautifully performed by a fantastic group of musical friends, will touch your heart and inspire you to seek your inner circle.



The album is a beautiful collection of music, that’s a perfect soundtrack for just about anything I had it on the other day when I was doing some work on the computer and then some other chores around the house…I even think that I may use it for some meditating, too!! So check out Peter’s music!




Peter Calandra: Inner Circle


Here’s Peter performing “A Quiet Spark” a track from Inner Circle….