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2013 Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Award Winning NewAge Albums explored on my Safari!!

Over the last year, I have reviewed a several New Age albums. I was happy and surprised to see that several of them recently won Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) music awards! The awards were presented last May. Here are the albums that  I listened to enjoyed and wrote about, that won awards!!



Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic – The Safari listens to Tom Carleno’s Perfect Imperfection. (He’s from from Colorado!)





Best Electronic Album – 2013 – New Age Sounds from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins Found



In a Time Lapse


Best Neo-Classical Album – An Essential for 2013 from Echoes – Ludovico Einaudi In a Time Lapse



The Maiden of Stonehenge Michael Brant DeMaria

The Maiden of Stonehenge
Michael Brant DeMaria



Best World Album – New Age – Healing Music from Michael Brant DeMariaThe Maiden of Stonehenge!



and one that I listened to enjoyed and it looks like I never got around to writing about….

Dancer and the Moon

Best Vocal Album – Blackmore’s Night – Dancer and the Moon





So out of the 14 awards, I have write about 5 out of 14 for a .357 average, I’d be a star if it was baseball! Actually, it is nice to see that other people agreed  with me about the albums that I thought were really good!!! Congratulations to all the winners! You can check out the complete list of winners – here! And the links above will take you to my posts!!!

Since I didn’t review or can’t find the post about Dancer and the Moon – here’s the official video for the title track of the album!