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Night and Evening Thoughts about Yodeling??? An Art best forgotten?? Never! Well, maybe?

We'll Sing in the SunshineLast night after I came home from a run, I sat down at the computer and was trying to get back to normal, when my wife asked if I had watched the new parody video from Weird Al “Word Crimes”yet. I said that I hadn’t,  she made me come out and watch the video. The video is very funny and probably funnier if you know the Robin Thicke song, which I don’t and never will, because I can not stand Robin Thicke. Shortly after that, my wife said,  she now had the song stuck in her head. That set my mind to wondering about songs that get stuck in my head. The one that popped up was Gale  Garnett’s “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine”. So I went to Youtube to find a video of the song, which I did, from the 1964 Grammy Awards, but I didn’t like the video so I didn’t post it. But if you want you can watch it here. 

After  I watched enough of the Gale Garnett video, I began  watching some of the videos on the sidebar, which somehow lead me to Suzy Boggess and Jerry Jeff Walker performing “Night Rider’s Lament” a song that they both had recorded and since I love JJW’s version of the song I watched the video….Suzy said that the tough part of the song is the yodeling, which she had to learn to do. I thought she did great, you can watch that video here. My mind was still restless though and was soon thinking about other songs that feature yodeling that I like, the first and maybe only song that came to mind was Slaid Cleaves’ tribute song to Don Walser “God’s  Own Yodeller”. Here’s Slaid performing the song

Not one to leave well enough alone, I had to wander on and find an original Don Walser tune, so that I could hear God’s own Yodeller! Here’s Don with “A Rolling Stone from Texas”

Now this morning as my mind continued to think about yodeling, as I prepared to write this post and since I often dressed like this back in the 1950s……

Hop and Guitar044

My thoughts turned to singing cowboys, and probably the best, Roy Rogers. I found this video using The Cowboy Herd Song….

So which one do you like best, or asking another way which do you hate least? No,I shouldn’t have stayed with Gale Garnett because then all day I’d hear…..”We’ll sing in the sunshine, we’ll left everyday, we’ll sing in the sunshine then I’ll be on my way” Damn now it’s there…….