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Exploring the Nominees for British Blues Music Awards – Blues Album of the Year!

Home - ListerOn August 14, 2014, the British Blues Awards presentation will be held at the The Great British Blues Festival in Colne. The other day I traveled to the website for the awards and reviewed the nominees for the award for Blues Album of the Year, and the nominees are:

Big City Blues – The Hoax
Home – Aynsley Lister Band
Independence – Trevor Sewell Band
Shake The Walls – Marcus Bonfanti
Standing In  The Shadows – King King
The Storytellers Daughter – Northsyde

I have heard and reviewed two of the five nominees, Anysley Lister’s Home and King King’s Standing in the Shadows. King King has won the award as band of the year in 2012 and 2013. Anyway, to get an idea of the sound of the other nominees, I traveled over to Spotify and made this playlist yesterday and gave it a listen. The two albums, that I didn’t find on Spotify were Big City Blues and Standing in the Shadows. After giving the playlist a listen I downloaded Shake the Walls from Marccus Bonfanti for a more extensive listen and I really really liked the album.

So give the playlist a listen and pick your winner. Oh, you can listen tracks from Standing in the Shadows, here, at Soundcloud!