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2014 Jazz Organ – from Jared Gold – JG3+3 = a great jazz sextet and album!

JG 3+3Somewhere a while back I became aware of jazz organist Jared Gold. I think I first saw Jared’s name when I was searching for Dave Stryker’s album 8-Track (which I still have not found). Anyway, over the last couple of months, I’ve watched Gold’s latest release JG3+3 climb the JazzWeek Charts and have gone to Spotify to check the album out and come away empty. This week I did the same thing and this time the album was available and it has been in my jazz rotation this week and I have a new jazz organist favorite to add to my  ever-growing collection.

Gold has released seven albums as a leader on the Posi-Tone label that for the most feature guitar, organ and drum, the traditional organ trio. On JG3+3 Jared has expanded the trio to include three horns. The resulting sextet, in addition to usual trio members Dave Stryker on guitar ans Sylvia Cuenca on drums features: Patrick Cornelius on alto saxophone, Tatum Green Greenblatt on trumpet and Jason Marshall in Baritone sax. Needless to say the expanded line-up works to perfection. The group rips through the nine tracks on the album in a brisk and quickly moving 48 minutes that leaves you wanting to hear more!! The tracks on the album include some new arrangements of some well-known tunes by the likes of Cannonball Adderley, Wayne Shorter, and Dave Stryker as well as some original compositions.

So  let;s see I’ve got 6 or so other Jared Gold releases to check out. In addition I can check out Jared on  The Chaser from Jared Goldthe Dave Stryker Trio, because Jared is a part of Dave’s trio. Jared has also produced two albums with guitarist  Randy Napoleon and drummer Quincy Davis, Makin’ it and Plan  with the Oliver Lake group, Going Somewhere with the Avi Rothbard Trio Broadway Alley with the William Ash Trio, and Springloaded  with the Dan Pratt Organ Quartet. Edward, looks like “You have some esplorin’ to do!”!

Writing about Jared’ album Golden Child at All About Jazz – Mark Turner writes….

 Jazz organist Jared Gold continues to make his presence known, both in name and sonically. Energizing and free yet possessed of a comprehensive knowledge of the Hammond B3 organ, he communicates with the language of giants such as Don Patterson and Chris Foreman of the Deep Blue Organ Trio. It’s been said that “either you have it or you don’t,” and Gold’s playing bears the truth of the groove on Golden Child.

And Dan Bilawskywrites again at All About Jazz about All Wrapped Up….

When All Wrapped Up reaches its conclusion, two things are abundantly clear: this newfound quartet format hasn’t dampened or diminished the creative enthusiasm shown on Gold’s earlier releases; and the album continues the steady evolution of one of jazz’s most prominent rising star organists.

You can read the complete reviews here

Need I tell you – Check Him out – while I’m checking out all those albums I mentioned a while back!!

So let’s go into the morning with a video that showcases Jared Gold, with the added bonus of Tom Tallitsch on Tenor, Matt Davis – Guitar and David Ashkenazy – Drums

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