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2014 Blues from Walter Trout – The Blues Came Callin’ – with Ex-Boss John Mayall!!

The Blues Came  Callin'On Tuesday of this week the new album, The Blues Came Callin’ from Walter Trout was released, and it has been in my rotation since then, like all of Walter’s work it is amazing! The most amazing thing is that he recorded the album, while he was waiting for a liver transplant! He was doing exactly what the opening track of the album says he was “Wasting Away”, during the later part of his illness, Walter lost over 100 pounds! When I  went  to his website, and looked at his picture, my first response was that is not Walter!! But it obviously was! He received his new liver a week or so ago and according to updates there have been some very rough post-operative complications, that Walter seems to be riding out. I have not checked back today, I will tomorrow and write more about his condition tomorrow!

For now though let’s go “into the morning” with the title track of the album “The Blues Came Callin'”…..Walter’s ex-boss John Mayall provides some sparkling piano work on this tracks and others on the album! Two new things for John, great stuff!!