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An Afternoon with the Jazz Piano of Aaron Diehl – Live at the Players!

Live at the PlayersSo this afternoon, as I was searching through some of the new genealogical information that has been added to, including get this, Pennsylvania Death Record from 1915 – 1944!! Actually, that IS really great and I think that I have tied down some family lines because of the release of these records…. but you ask what has that got to do with jazz!  Well, whilst I was trying to figure out a particularly branch of my family line, I put on some jazz. For some reason, the first musician that came to mind was pianist Aaron Diehl. Looking back at my older posts, I see that it was just about this time last year that I discovered Aaron’s music. I listened to his latest release The Bespoke Man’s Narrative and was blown away by his fantastic musicianship. You can read that original post here

While I would have been happy listening to The Bespoke Man’s Narrative, because it really is a great album, I decided to listen to the 2011 release of  The Aaron Diehl Trio Live at the Players  which features two of Diehl’s working trios, one which include David Wong and Paul Sikivie on bass, or  Quincy Davis on bass and Lawrence Leathers on drums, or some combination of those four! The album was just as terrific as the one that  followed it!

Aaron Diehl’s awards include:

2002, Diehl was a finalist in Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Essentially Ellington competition where he was awarded “Outstanding Soloist

2003 Jazz Arts Group Hank Marr Jazz Competition

2004 Martin E. Segal Award recipient.

2011 Cole Porter Fellow of the American Pianists Association

2013 Jazz Journalist Association’s Up-And-Coming Musician of the Year Award recipient.

When I was reading

Aaron began studying classically at age 7, and discovered his passion for jazz music when attending Interlochen Summer Camp. There he met piano prodigy Eldar Djangirov, who made an lasting impression on Diehl through his enthusiasm for Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum.

Now what makes the above interesting is the name Eldar Djangirov, who I have not written about yet, but have listened to and like Diehl, I have been impressed by his musicianship! So after reading the above I went to Spotify and listened to his 2013 release Breakthrough, which is also amazing!! Check it out – here

Now let’s get to the music, here’s The Aaron Diehl Quartet featuring Warren Wolf on vibes….with “Bag’s Grove”.