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Mid -Year Review of the 2014 Jazz Albums…….


This is actually the first post on this site. However, there are a lot of posts here, most of the posts were originally posted at either Me, Myself. Music or Mysteries   or FreeWheelin’ Music Safari. The purpose of this site is to focus on jazz and new age music instead of several different genres.

So with that in mind,  as we approach the end of the first half of 2014 here’s a list of the top albums that I listened to this year. Some of the albums were released in 2013, but they were on the charts in 2014. They may not necessarily everybody else’s top albums, but I never like the very top of the pack. I do think that a couple of these albums did make it to the top of the JazzWeek chart! So here’s is the list with links to the post about the artist and album….


Month Artist Album
January Ben Paterson Essential Elements
Doug Webb Another Scene
Enrico Granafei  Alone (and) Together
 February Tim Hegarty Tribute
Takuya Kuroda Rising Son
Behn Gillece  Top Shelf
 March Helen Sung Anthem for a New Day
Janice Borla Promises to Burn
Cava Manies & Nick Phillips Moment to Moment
Vincent Herring The Uptown Shuffle
Ambrose Akinmusrie The Imagined Savior is far easier to Paint
Jeff Hackworth Soul to Go!
 April Javon Jackson Expression
Jane Ira Bloom Sixteen Sunsets
 May Tom Tallistch  Ride

P.S.  On the Roots Music Report for the Week of June 20 th – Jane Ira Bloom (#7), Vincent Herring (#10), Helen Sung (#17,LW #9) and Javon Jackson (#44, LW#31)