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This Day in Music – June 18, 1985 – KC Jazz Organist Chris Hazelton was born!!

Hazelton TrioOn this day in 1985, jazz organist Chris Hazelton in Kansas City Mo., where one night at Bobby’s Hangout, Chris met the instrument he knew was right for him, the Hammond B3!! Chris eventually, coaxed the organist, Everett DeVan, to take him on as a student. DeVan laid down the basic in and outs of the instrument and the art of the Hammond groove. Evidentially, Chris learned his lessons well!! And went on the play around Kansas City in that famous jazz quintet Grandpa’ Cough Syrup. As well as, Tony DiPardo Pack Band, the in-game music for the Kansas City Chiefs! Today I listened to Peregrination, the 2012 release from the Chris HazeltonPeregrination Trio, which is composed of Chris, Danny Embrey on guitar, and Kevin Frazee on drums The album tracks include: five (5) Hazelton original compositions, an Embrey original, and few other fun tunes. This is the second albums these guys recorded together, the first was Hazelton’s self-titled début album released on 2007. Embrey also wore his producer’s hat for that album. The album also featured the alto saxophone of Nick Rowland! A month after the release of the album, Hazelton moved to New York City and did not return to KC until 2009. While in New York, he performed at several top venues, received support and tutelage from Harlem organ legend Seleno Clarke, and was a member of guitarist JC Styyles Trio. In 2009, Hazelton had the honor of befriending and studying with one of the world’s premier jazz organist, Dr. Lonnie Smith. (Wait backup – that would have to be the same JC Styyles whose latest album Blakey Grease has played on my iPhone for the last two weeks or so – it’s a small world!) Anyway, based on what I heard of Peregrination, Hazelton has been added to my growing list of favorite Hammond B3 musicians! So check him out!! Links Website All About Jazz Facebook Spotify – Peregrination So Happy Birthday, Chris, and let’s go “Into the Night” with Chris’ Trio playing “Peregrination”