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2014 Blues coming July 1st from Blues Guitarist Dave Fields – All In!! (video)

All in One

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I first discovered Dave Fields’ music back in 2010, in the first few months of this blog’s existence. The first album of Dave’s that I listened to was his début album Times a-Wastin’ and well it and it only took the first song  “Let’s Get Shakin'” for me to know, that I was going to like this guy, and it wasn’t long after that I listened to his 2008 release All Wound Up and, well, I loved Dave’s guitar playing, vocals and songwriting from the first listens and I’ve been a fan ever since. In looking back at my posts, I see that I never did write a post about All Wound Up, so let’s let Dave Rubin a staff writer for CD Baby sum it up:

Fields’ deeply emotional set, which builds in intensity with deceptive ease and grace, culminates with the dramatic and powerful soul rocker, “Guide Me to the Light.” As on many other cuts, the Hammond organ provides a fat, propulsive pad under his plea for “love and understanding” that is at once a personal as well as a universal message, revealing a spiritual side not often encountered in contemporary blues-based music. Dave Fields is an extraordinarily talented contemporary singer, songwriter and instrumentalist who knows his music inside and out and from the bottom up. The result is an exceptional aesthetic experience for the mind and body. Read More at CDBaby

His next release was 2012’s Detonation.  I did write a post about that album and you can read it here Dave is now set to release(July 1st) maybe his best album All In. All In has been in my music rotation for a week or so now, and I can’t get enough of the album!! Like all of his albums Dave wastes no time getting the party started with the rockin’ “Changes in My Life”, with Dave’s flying guitar solo and the lyrics that tell you no matter what life throws at him he’ll keep going set the tone for the album. My favorite track after the first few listens “Voodoo Eyes” comes next kinda’ a spooky rock song, followed by the funky “Let’s Go Downtown” and six more of Dave’s original tunes follow with two great covers mixed in. One is Dave’s “live cover Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” which was recorded at a concert in Norway and the other Robert Johnson’s “Cross Roads” That makes eleven tracks all total, nine originals plus two covers! All In was recorded mostly live in the studio and features some of the same musicians that appeared on Dave’s prior albums including: Andy Huenerberg (bass) Kenny Sule (drums), Vladmir Barsky (keys) and Dave Moore (drums). Some new blood has been added to the mix though Tony Tino on bass and special guest Blues Music Award (BMA) nominee Dave Keyes on piano. I won’t go deep into Dave’s background except to say that he grew up in New York and is the son of noted composer arranger Sammy “Forever” Fields. And that bit of southern culture that may notice in Dave’s persona, well, that’s what you get when you’re raised by a nanny from Waycross, Georgia!! You read  more about Dave at his website or in either of my other posts.. Before we more onto some music, let’s wrap it up with the words of the great Hubert Sumlin…. “When I first heard him I knew he was something special. When Dave plays he plays with such passion.” So check out All  In!! Oh, if you’d like a pre-release download of the album it’s available here. Links Website Facebook  Reverbnation CDBaby  Amazon   Here’s Dave with a live performance of “Better Be Good” from Detonation

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